Khuda Paman / Good Bye / Allah Hafiz

Almost 3 years ago i was introduced to word press and i wrote my 1st ever post dedicated to my study Career “Electrical Engineering ” as “The One who knows Best ” . Being a Nalaik Panda, Exam Fighter and a Lazy student i have made it to the final year. Allhamdulillah i made it so far and will make it to the end if my Lord “Allah” wills.
This life is a weird roller coaster with so many ups and downs that sometimes you totally zone out during  the ride and sometimes you want this ride to be over . But Success is in only ending it  the right way. The roller coaster of life is weird because no one chooses him/her self to be on it, its just you open up your eyes and you are on it and then you cry because you never wanted to be on it. And then it will take you to weird places, keep giving you life time experience, changes the path, takes turn, Sometimes you shout out of joy, Sometimes you cry out tears of Happiness,Sometimes the ride of your loved ones end earlier.Sometimes it breaks your heart more badly then your bones can be broken,Sometimes gives you tears of agony and pain. You can never know what is coming next in this ride.You just have to sit and keep your seat belts tight until the end of it.
I enjoyed a lot during my 3 years of blogging  experience. Described the fantasy of “She-wolf ” , then “life squeezed lemons in my eye” , experienced something evil as ” Love is evol ” , liked the bullets and gave it to my Valentine as a gift 😀 “Bullet for my valentine ” , my future kids i also met your Uncle Taimur as “ This is How i Met your 3rd Fb Mother” , fantasized a fairy at MacDonald as “ Meeting a Fairy ” , i told my Christians followers that i love Jesus and may we all follow the footsteps of Jesus ,worshiping One God ” Im a Muslim and i Love Jesus ” . Then i realized the real Super hero of my life,The one who is always there to save me, I Love you Mom ❤  ” Mothers are Super Heroes ” , I also felt i wasted time watching Disney and also writing this post “ Side Effects of Disney ”  .After wasting Time i got to know what is time and  I Tried to tell you that in post  ”  By Time ” .
Since i joined blogging on 1st of August 2011, i thought i will end it on 1st of August 2014 after writing 100th post .But it will be so common and predictable, And im too lazy being a Nalaik Panda to do so. So here it is my Good bye to all of you at 96th Post  🙂 , almost 3 long years of Blogging . Thanks to all my readers who supported me and made me feel special by posting precious comments and Prestigious Awards .May God Bless all of you. Ameen !
Wish you a Successful life  .
So, here i go.
i forgot the counting… oh yeah its “teen” opps i said it in Urdu… Tharee errr i said it in Pashto , Salasah ? nope Arabic,
(and Nalaik Panda Disappears )

And the Crowd Claps !



  1. and there it goes nalaik style 🙂
    you are great writer and entertainer and have a good grasp of what life is even at such young age. If you are serious about stopping ranting here on your blog, I will surely miss reading those rants. On a gloomy day, you and your rants put a humorous and also realistic twist on life. But yes, if you are seriously serious about this being your last post — well, good bye :). And good luck with your life journey.
    Allah Hafiz & Ramadan Kareem

  2. Wait wait 😦 Don’t go please ! I loved your weird unique articles and you are now disappearing ? Keep writing dude there are no limits or time to write. Congrats for completing four years of engineering ! ( I am the same girl from the goldengirlnotebook, before you freak out I thought I should tell you)

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