Edward Kenway

Edward Kenway

Edward Kenway

its been few days that i have been inspired by Edward Kenway’s Personality . You people may think who is Edward kenway ? Is he a Scholar ? is he a Freedom Fighter ? is he a Politician ? Well Edward Kenway is the 4th Assassin in the Assassins creed Series. So he doesn’t exist in reality,he is only a virtual Character and a Pirate and a Captain of his brig named as “Jackdaw’ .

Ustad Nouman Ali Khan is also a huge fan of Assasins Creed Series, and after playing it you will find out why he endorses it.
I have been Assassins creed fan since 2011. AC 1st part was just an introduction to Assassins and Templers. in which the character ” Al-Tair ” played the main role and game was based on Crusaders and Muslim fights. there was nothing much in AC game that time. actually it was pretty annoying when you can climb the mountains, can take jumps like ” Leap of Faith” but your character can’t swim in the water.So they improved the skills and Abilities in Second part.and “Etzio” was more like a Gta but in ancient times of Italy. I remember how i couldn’t stop my self from playing that game and ended the chapter 2 in one week. then Last Month I downloaded AC 3. and I was thrilled by the game play and graphics and the story of the game. Your own Father “Haytham ” was the Villain and was the reason your Mother got Killed. and you are a red Indian and you seek to take revenge from the British people who killed your mother and destroyed your Village by the order of your dad. and Once again i couldn’t stop my self from playing, the more i played the more interesting the game got.The game was Based on the american civil war and your character takes the side of George Washington.Its amazing that you can learn about historical events in an enjoyable way while playing AC. Well in part 3 they just showed a glimpse of the sea world and you were also a captain of your ship. But Part 4 of AC4 is totally Based on Pirate world, where your Character ” Edward kenway ” is pursuing his dreams. This part is based on Westindies and Jamaica history. I’m very close to the ending and now the Part 5 “Assassins creed Unity ” has been released and this time they are hitting “French Revolution”. And you will be totally engrossed to see the French Revolution in PS4 and Xbox one advanced Graphics technology and Good news that it’s also available in PC . So defiantly im going to play it. In shaa Allah.

Edward Kenway

Edward Kenway

Among all the main Heros in Assasins creed Edward Kenway is the best character so far. Though his story is not stronger than Conners (AC3 character) story. But His character is very fascinating. Plus he is a Pirate. I always had a thing for Pirates, I remember watching “Treasure Island ” cartoon on Ptv. then i watched the anime in 2004. I was a big fan of cartoon series ” One Peace ” where the captain is Monkey Deloofy. But Playing Assasins creed 4 it was different, it made you feel the Captain of your Ship. Where you can Unleash the motor fire on the enemy brigs, or you can stop and do the Harpooning and sell Whale , or white sharks in the market. You can upgrade your ships, you can bribe the government officials  to lower your wanted level in the sea. Edward Kenway was doing nothing for his living,his beautiful wife gave up on him while he kept dreaming about becoming a Pirate king. But When his wife left him for his dream, he pursued  it and became one. So in a way his Wife Lost a Pirate King but Edward kenway Lost nothing.Even though the world is at his feet and his wife kind of betrayed him when he needed her the most,yet Edward still Loves her .

Edward kenway's Crew

Edward kenway’s Crew


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