Im a Muslim and I Love Jesus (Pbuh)

Yes im a Muslim and i Love Jesus Pbuh , he is my Fav Prophet and he is one of the best slaves of Allah S.W.T

Nalaik Panda

We Muslims Love and respect Jesus (Pbuh) and he lives in our hearts,We cannot say his name with out saying “Peace be upon him”.Its Not wrong to say,but We Muslims love him more than the Christians. Sounds new to you ? Well,if you look at this way,Jesus (Pbuh) commanded to Believe in one God,he prohibited Adultery,He stopped people from drinking wine,He forbade to eat pork,He was circumcised and he had a Beard.Guess what? We Muslims have a beard,we consider adultery a sinful act,He consider Wine as Haram and we all Muslims are circumcised,We never ever eat pig,We love and respect him to such an extent that our Muslim women dress up like his mother Mary to which you say we are oppressing our women but few of you chose to be sisters and yet dress like her but for a Muslim women she doesnot have to be a sister to…

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