I found God in Programming


“He (I) is with you wherever you are (57:4)” said God. Now the Questions is, these are the Words of God and the words of God can’t be untrue, if that so then why so many people claim that there is no God ? Why so many people are lost? Thing is, he is only found by those who Seek him. Just like Rumi said
“What you seek is seeking you”. It’s Obvious that if we seek him we will find him but where do we seek him? I must say, Seek him in your heart .If you found him there, then you can find him everywhere.

Two years ago , in my 2nd semester I studied C and C++ (object oriented programming ) .I heard people say that Quran ,this book has knowledge about everything. So I began my hunt there and I decided to find Programming in Quran. So did I found Dev C++ software in Quran ? Did I find any library Functions ? Did I find some coding beginning with #include ,using namespace std; int main()  ? well the answer is a Big no . So what did I find there ? Well  I will tell you this in  a While. Hold on to your seat belts. Drink some water. We discuss this in next paragraph (there are no breaks on posts).

Background of Binary Numbers :

Before I tell you I found God in programming, let me give you a little insight. The computers work on Binary Language. Binary means two. And In binary no system, there are only two outcomes, 0 or 1. Gttfroed Wilheml Leibnitz (1646-1716) was the 1st mathematician to work out systematically the binary representation (using 1’s or 0’s) for any number. He felt a Spiritual significance in the discovery, reasoning that 1, representing Unity, was a clearly a symbol for God. While 0 represents the nothingness. Therefore of all numbers can be represented merely by the use of 1 or 0, Surely this proves that God created the universe out of nothing.
Now there are two interesting things. The Person who discovered the binary number system, said 1 represents Unity, Not trinity. So it’s the Islamic concept of Tauheed . A’had  one God ,Allah. Interesting thing is, Computers have Zero IQ. So the thing having zero IQ  can only be operated by 1’s and 0’s, then how difficult it is for a man having IQ to understand that there is a God, who is everything and he created the universe out of nothing. Another interesting thing ,I found about Gttroed Wilheml Leibnitz in my course book “ Modern Digital and Analog Communication Systems,3rd edition , page 264” written by B.P lathi. Ring any bells ? what I mean to say is, the author of the book is a Hindu and he is writing this in his book.


In Electrical engineering, every project we make, it is not acceptable, not efficient unless you programmed it. Your cellphones, Laptops, TV, Ipods and almost every electronic device is being programmed. This Modern area is all about Programming. For those who don’t know loop in programming, it is something you use when you want to repeat something for certain no of times or you want to do Iterations. This technique is so commonly used in Electronic games. If you have spent your childhood helping Super Mario dating the Princess then I will have no problem explaining it. You see that after a certain level, certain time you see the exactly same enemy which is done by loop. If suggest you to watch this Tutorial (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTizSnz1v58) to have a better understanding of the verse which I’m about to share.


Sahih International

Indeed, in the creation of the heavens and the earth and the alternation of the night and the day are signs for those of understanding .

These verses have its own importance regarding its Revelation. The Importance of Revelation is another topic. What I want you to do is to focus on the translation. In the Translation you find a word “ Alteration ” .The alteration of the Night and the Day. If you are a Programmer or you have watched the tutorial, then the Word “Alteration” is enough hint for you to figure it out its talking about Loop. Here I see something. The power of the words of God. When he says “ Be and it is done ”, not only he created the Heavens and the earth he programmed everything in the heavens and the earth. And if you are familiar with programming, before you put things in a loop, 1st you initialize things, define the variable type i.e Int, char, Float etc . So 1st Allah created and initialize the variables, which was heavens and the earth and what ever lies in it.Then he Programmed things. He put a loop to make night and the day. How amazing it is, that our earth revolves around Sun in 365 days, So we experience 365 nights and 365 days in a year. Then he adds lil complexity in the loop by lengthening nights in Winter and Lengthening Days in Summer. Adds 4 seasons to it.Then he puts “if and Else” conditions, Such that if it is a day time in Pakistan, then it’s a Night time in America. And in same way with different timings he varies the Night and Day timings all over the earth. And he adds another day, making it 366 days once in a 4 years. Then he makes it more complex. He adds more Planets to the Solar system. And each Planet had its own orbit, own rotation. And assigns different no of moons to each planet. But that’s not it, he adds stars to the universe. His complex Programming doesn’t stop here, he makes more universe .And each universe is assigned by its Planets, and each planet is assigned by its own orbit and rotation. SubhanAllah ! The Human Creation became familiar with the concept of Programming in 1970’s but the God did Programming from the birth of heavens and the earth. That’s why he said in 1st revelation of Quran.

96 :1-5 .
Recite in the name of your Lord who created, Created man from a clinging substance. Recite, and your Lord is the most Generous – Who taught by the pen –  Taught man that which he knew not.
And even in this advance world, hundreds of programmers work together to make something awesome. Look at the example of Electronic games, Gta V and Watch dogs. Now “Watch Dogs” was due in 19 November 2013 but they postponed it because they wanted it to be perfect, everything perfectly programmed, so they launched it few weeks ago. but even this delayed game will has its own glitches. A Game may stuck somewhere, The graphics will take long to load, If you are a gamer you know exactly that there is no game without glitches. So after the launch they update the glitches, remove errors but still they cant reach perfectness. But do you see any glitch it the creation of the “Heavens and the earth and the Alterations of the night and the day” ? do you ?
67: 3-4
[And] who created seven heavens in layers. You do not see in the creation of the Most Merciful any inconsistency. So return [your] vision [to the sky]; do you see any rifts? Then return [your] vision twice again. [Your] vision will return to you humbled while it is fatigued.
God is the Programmer :
After discovering this all, I was left with the thought “God is a Programmer” , So I checked into his 99 names to see whether he says such a thing for himself or not ? When I checked I find his name  “Al-Musawwir” which means the Designer, the Shaper of beauty. Now in this Modern World the Programmer is no different than a Designer. I found God in Programming and God is a Programmer.

Another thing I forgot to mention, In Programming that you are taught the basic thing, the Order, which is called Algorithms. And Quran talks about everything in Algorithms. So when ever Allah talks about the Night and the day together, he talks about night 1st and the day later.
Indeed, in the creation of the heavens and the earth and the alternation of the night and the day are signs for those of understanding. 3:190

The thought why night comes 1st and the day later has been messing with my head since a month and so far I haven’t found the satisfying answer.
if you have read it so far and bear patience with me, than Im really humble and  May God reward you for that.
Slave of Allah
Farhan Ali .

P.S picture i uploaded is not mine



  1. awesome . i just disagree with one thing in it.You said He progrmmed it like “If it is day in pakistan it should be night in America” I don’t think its like that .I think he did not hradcoded things like that .Instead he created a Reflection system(from MOON) and a Source of light (Sun) and he programmed it like . if any part is in direct Intereaction with Light source it should be day over there otherwise night 🙂 . What you think?

    • jazakAllah khair for reading it. well it can be, what i was trying to say different timings around different parts of one planet earth which is a part of solar system, and each thing being repeated , each timing is being repeated. kind of periodic in a way. But again i just wrote down a theory what came to my mind, i don’t have any astro knowledge nor im a programmer. and u can all judge that from my blogging name im only a Nalaik Panda.

  2. Wow…what a thought…how could u say urself as nalaik…i found u really a great researcher and great thinker. I’m really getting to know lots of different perspective to know our Allah…such perspective i did not find yet from any other blog…keep up the good work..if u permit me…i’m thinking to share this blog with my company software developers….

    • ohh im glad you read that one, I read in your profile that you are a software engineer, so i wanted to show it to u. lately i have shared it with few people who are into programming i got to know my baloney wasn’t bad. So it did make sense to u. Do share it with ur company, and do lemme know how do they find it, and what is exactly the name of your company ?

      • hahaa..I dont know depth of programming as I’m just a tester who only tests the final outcome of a software…but ya I do understood all the jargon’s used by you…My company is located in Mumbai (India)…its a small company…will surely give u feedback…if they give any to me…LOL…most of them are non muslims….so never know what u will get in reaction…:)

      • I’m neither a Programmer and i did’t get good grades at two subjects of programming i studied, but this is how the ayats meant to me while i was reading it. Well as long as they aren’t atheists they will get something from it. Even Hindus believe in God. and i will be grateful to you for sharing it with your company.

      • Assaalamu alaikum…i did forward this blog of urs to my colleagues. As I had told you its tough to expect much reaction as most of them are non muslim (Hindu- who just say they believe in some God but dont want to dig into depth of God’s creativity ), atheist (who say they believe that only one energy exists but are unable to relate it to one creator-Allah) . Ya but i got following feedback from my manager who is a Muslim….just pasting it here:

        “thanks farheen.. nice article… and I have no doubt that Allah (swt) is not only a programmer but he is a designer, tester, project manager, client and everything that we see and deal with on daily basis… All you need is to be able to identify him in different roles that he is playing… but it was interesting to read the article nicely putup and summarized”

      • Walikum Salam wa rahma tulahe. Ohh i have no Problem with that,and im very happy you passed it to your colleges, jazakAllah khair 🙂
        well im glad ur manager liked the idea. and he said very true ,Allah is the artist, i was recently schocked to see his artistry , A scholar said Allah did his artistry in symmetrical manner, U see your viens in which Blood flows, you see leaves in which the viens carries water, the essiential of life and then u see earth from some height and you will see rivers carriing water and all the rivers symmertry will look like the symmetry o viens . it was something mind blowing. Yes Allah is the way you want to see him and some of us they see him as non existant so they can’t see him.
        Thankuu for notifying me. 🙂

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