Is Taqwa The Fear of Allah ?

The most honorable of mankind if one having Taqwa. So what is Taqwa ? most of the times you will read the word translated as ” Fear of Allah ” . But does word taqwa really mean fear of Allah ? if you do a little research you will find out  Arabic has the word for fear ,which is ” Khauf ” ,and you will find that word even in one of the shortest surah of the Quran ” Surah Quraish “. An homage to the scholars who did efforts and spent their time in translating Quran to Urdu, English and various languages, but the real beauty and concept is sometimes lost in the translation. For all our lives we grow up knowing Taqwa as Fear of Allah ,which is totally wrong. it gives us a concept of a Monster and Tyrant God from whom we should be afraid of. but if you read Quran the very 1st ayat of Quran is ” In the Name of Allah the most Merciful and beneficent ” and same goes in Surah Fateha 2nd ayat , right after declaring himself as a Master of world Allah says he is the most Generous ,Most kind, Most loving . usually when some one is a master and we are his slaves this mean we are in trouble, but Allah right after saying he is the master, he introduces himself as extremely kind and perpetually merciful.He wants us to intimate him as a Kind Lord. So Fearing from a Kind lord will be silly.
Lets dig into the real Meaning of word “Taqwa” which means beware, being careful, watch out, being conscious, protection.May Allah elevate ranks of Dr.Israr Ahmad for explaining word Taqwa in his Tafaseer (Interpretation of Quran), He gave the example of Dad and a son,Dad Loves his son,he provides for him,he feeds him,pays his tuition fees,now a son acknowledges whatever his dad does for him,he knows that his Father loves him,if he does something stupid or harmful to himself it will hurt his dad ,it will disappoint him,like he will never smoke thinking how disappoint his dad will be if he finds out about his wrong doing,or if he fail a class it will dash his dad to the ground who has been paying off his fees through handwork,so he will be fearful in a loving way to respect the feelings and love of his Dad. Something goes for Allah,who has made angels bowed down to our father ,he has believed in us while sheetan told him he is better than us because he is of fire, he made us the best of all the creation,while he created the heavens and the earth and what ever lies inside it. He provides for us,Nourishes us,his Provision is never-ending. cant we be lil careful about our actions, our decisions , are we going to disobey God with deeds of ours ? Having a sense of this is called having a “Taqwa” . That means knowing  you cannot repay him,but at least you have respect and love for whatever he has done for you. That is why in Surah Al-Baqarah 2nd ayat you will find out that having Taqwa is the prerequisite of Guidance, If you have realized What God has done for you and now you are willing to respect that then you will pay heed to the guidance. if you have no Taqwa in yourself then guidance is total waste for you.That means an atheist who doesn’t acknowledge there is a God, who doesn’t acknowledge he has created the heavens and the earth, telling him Pork is forbidden,telling him adultery is wrong will be insane for him because he is not conscious of Allah.

Umar ibn Khattab (R.A) once asked  Ibn Ka’ab (R.A) the definition of taqwa. In reply Ibn Ka’ab asked, “Have you ever had to traverse a thorny path?” Umar replied in the affirmative and Ka’ab continued, “How do you do so?” Umar said that he would carefully walk through after first having collected all loose and flowing clothing in his hands so nothing gets caught in the thorns hence injuring him. Hadrat Ka’ab said, “This is the definition of taqwa, to protect oneself from sin through life’s dangerous journey so that one can successfully complete the journey unscathed by sin.”

May Allah give us all of us the people of Taqwa 🙂

Ameen !

Lets do a research on Word Taqwa, The orignal meaning of word is of “Care” or being ” Conscious “



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