A Brother in Humanity


This one goes out to my Elder brother in Humanity, my Friend  Terry McGeehe (always difficult for me to spell the last name ) who i met through fb 3-5 years ago i don’t recall it properly.Writing this post made me realize he is way elder than me,and i never cared about the age difference between us,so i might have disrespected him at many occasions. I think he is like 100 years elder than me, just kidding, he might be in his 40’s or 50’s , he works out , most of the times he goes to beach in a topless state that is why I’m considering to make him my wing man ,just joking. He loves his Oggie and for that you can call him a kid because kids in pakistan watch Oggie cartoon all the time. Recently he was absent from facebook for a month and every one missed his absence. I think his Dad passed away, May he rest in Peace.

Brother Terry have been very nice to me, despite the fact he is elder than me, may be of my Dad age,he has shared twice on Facebook my Display pic saying the words ” i love Farhan Ali my friend from Pakistan” and i must say it is his humbleness to say such kind words for me. or is it alarming for me that he is a single person ? and may be he his gay ? I shouldn’t be worried about because he is far away from where i live, He is in America and im In Pakistan, so i can say to back to him ” I love you too ” keeping a safe distance 😀 . Just to share few amazing things ,he is a christian and im a muslim, We had like hours of arguments fighting over each others faith , but we have few things in common, never dissing any prophet ,love or the greatest prophet Jesus Pbuh, and there came a point where I saw Terry admitting Mohammad Pbuh is a Prophet, that was a moment of elation for me.

I was influenced a lot by american culture ,now its time for an American to be acquaintance with Desi Culture. If I ever happen to meet Terry I want to gift him few of the Paktoon things, I want him to have a Chitrali Cap, a Waskat ( Waist Coat) and a some kool sneakers known as “peshawari Chappal” . and I also want him to have some “Chappali Kabab” since he is only known to american hot dog. Oh not to forget
“Kehwa ” the drink used in place of coffee.

Chitrali Cap

Waist Coat

Peshawari ChappalChappali kebab

Thank you dear brother for making my day , may God who created the humanity guide us, and make us do those things which pleases him and make us avoid doing those things which comes in disobedience.
Ameen !

P.S  Bro if you do not mind changing your Facebook Cover, its kind of very pg for a Muslim P .


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