Renaissance 2015

11082698_1639722126260670_864963477_n (1) I don’t know about Pit-bull but I can say for Sure “ Dawah” is Worldwide. It has spread out all over the world. An Islamic Organization “Convivencia” from England is going to come to us in Pakistan and will give us Dawah. Summer is about to start soon and before we get perspired from sweat of summer, we must need to remind ourselves that the Heat of Hell Fire is much hotter than the summer in Pakistan and we need to save ourselves from that. So it can only be done through Dawah  and thanks to Convivencia for arranging ““Renaissance’15” a 10 days Program, where they will come to Peshawar on 8th to 10th of April, Islamabad on 11th to 14th April and then finally to Lahore on 15th to 17th. The name “Renaissance ” is enough to tell us the purpose  of this 10 days event, the revival of our faith, plucking out the misconceptions we have in our Deen, Innovations we have in our Islamic Society, and  Motivating the youth since Iqbal had high hopes from them and he called them the falcons. Speakers who will be joining us in “Renaissance ” are world renowned Scholars  and Dai (Preechers). Let’s take a peek about them. John fountain is also coming to us, He is a “Gora” (White, don’t mistake it with a horse) who got revert to Islam, before that he was a Popular Jazz Musician. Its not the 1st time he is coming to Pakistan specially Peshwar, last year he visited us in Midst of February during “Winds of Change 2014” , and he loved the Chapli kabab there and was baffled to see the rash driving of Pakistani Citizens. He also gave dawah to Shoaib Aktar world fastest bowler  and he needs it again, he also got the chance to give Azan(Call for prayer) at Faisal Masjid in his magnificent voice (Masha Allah). He has been on the Deen Show with the Eddy. He has wrote a book “ Jesus and the Injeel” correcting the Christians beliefs and the message which was lost in the bible. I haven’t read it yet but it must be amazing. Adnan Rashid a Pakistani guy from Pindi went to Bartania (England) for higher studies, lived a thug live, was inspired by the film “ God Father ”, dressed up like the movie characters, but something changed in his life and ever since then he is preaching Islam in various places of the world. Been to Africa and Allah had made many people took shahada through him. He had strong hold on Islamic history. He had been to various debates and by the Grace of Allah won them. Ask him anything from the Allama Iqbal’s poetry and he will explain it to you. What I like about him the most, He is one of the few Islamic Scholars who has a broad body structure and have a physique like a warrior. Dr. UthmanLateef has a B.A (First Class Hons) in History, an M.A (Dist.) in Crusader Studies, and has completed a PhD in ‘The Place of Fada’il al-Quds (The Merits of Jerusalem) and Religious Poetry in the Muslim effort to recapture Jerusalem during the Crusades’.Currently, he is a khateeb at Stoke Poges Lane Mosque and Islamic Centre, Slough. He is in the process of publishing his PhD thesis and is currently conducting post-doctorate research in International Relations (‘The effect of war media iconography on US identity: disruptive images, counter-hegemony and political syncretism’).He presents a weekly show on Islam Channel (813), ‘The Greatest Generation’ and is a speaker at mosques and universities in the UK and has also lectured internationally (Qatar, Australia, South Africa). Musa Adnan is a popular YouTuber and youth worker. He has travelled around the world to lecture on Islam. As an 18 years old he has achieved a huge following on social media. He is currently working on a number of dawah projects including one in Africa. He currently resides in London. Saad Mahmood holds a Masters in Astrophysics from Queen Mary University of London. He’s a blogger,thinker, dynamic public speaker and Ex-member of Royal Society of Astronomy UK. He takes keen interest in Philosophy, Science and comparative religion.



  1. Jazakullah khair for your efforts…May Allah accept them…
    I just want to suggest that the poor and illiterate people need more attention,most of them even dont know the kalma….
    They do not know that we should ask only Allah for assistance,they have no concept of shirk except the idol worship..

    • Yes i realized that these guys main focus is elite class, and i asked them what about the poor class, Surah kahaf said Prophet Mohammad Pbuh to give attention to poor class, Surah Abasa Reaveled cox of a blind man cox Porphet Mohammad Pbuh was neglecting him and giving focus to a tribe leader, so they couldn’t give me a proper answer, being a student of Sociology i warned them that Poor people will make their own class, there are already so many classes and sects in Pakistan you guys will make up another one that what you gonna do. but they didnt listen to me. I said to them Wallahi then the tableegi jamat is better than u atleast they donot say we will preech only rich. May Allah put some more sense to Sheik Adnan Rashid

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