Coherence in the Quran

Since its Friday, Surah Kahaf day. and the Month if isra as well.In Quran Surah Isra and Surah Kahaf are considered to be a pair. Lets share how are they linked to each other.

1. Surah Isra Has 111 Ayats, Surah Kahaf has 110 ayats.

2. Surah Isra Starts with Subhan Allah ( starting the praise) surah Kahaf starts with Alhamdulillah ( Completing the praise) .

3. Surah Isra talks about Mohammad Pbuh ascending upto heavens to receive the Book, Surah Kahaf talks about the Book Comming down to Prophet Mohammad Pbuh.

4. Surah Isra has lessons for Jews and Surah Kahaf as lessons for Christians.

5. Surah Isra and Surah kahaf both talks about the Sheetan. Since surah Isra is for jews and Jews rejected the Prophet Mohamamd Pbuh since he wasn’t from their bloodline, So Allah talking about sheetan rejecting adam since he was from Fire and adam from Clay. Surah Kahaf is addressing to Christians,and Christians think of Sheetan as a Fallen angel, So In Surah Kahaf Allah is saying in the story of Sheetan and Adam that Sheetan was from Jinkind .

6. Moses Pbuh is mentioned in both Surah’s ending. Moses has two sides of his personality. Now Jews are extroverts, like they expanding territory and they like spirituality and Christians like leadership, strength and power. So In Surah Isra addressing jews the Leadership of Moses Pbuh is highlighted which they neglect. He Challenge Firon (pharaoh), and in Surah Kahaf the Journey of Moses Pbuh is mentioned to highlight the spiritual part of Moses Pbuh which Christians neglect.

7. Last ayats of both Surah’s denys the shirk, but there are two major forms of Shirk, either you bring down Allah to the level of creation in status, or either you raise the status of a creation the level of Allah. jews brought down Allah to the level of Creation and said insulting things about him, Christians raise a creation to the level of Allah, now in the end of Surah Isra you will find denial of shirk which is raising Allah. in the end of Surah Kahaf you will see denial of Shirk which is raising creation to Allah status.

8. there are 3 ways of Knowing Allah, you know him through the signs of creation, you know him through the Revelation, you know him with his names. In Surah Isra 2nd last ayat it beings with “Kul (say) ” and it says Allah the beautiful names belongs to Allah, in Surah Kahaf it beings with ” Kul/Say ” and word “Lao Kana ” which means the word of Allah, and the word of Allah is the revelation, but when Allah says “Kun” the creation is also created, So you get to know Allah in all 3 possible ways.

9.Surah isra ends with ” Say Alhamdulillah ” , and surah Kahaf is the response of Surah Kahaf , So it beings with ” Allhamdulillah” .

10. Our 3rd kalima “Subhan Allahu, wal Hamdu lillahi, wa la illaha ilAllahu, wallahu Akbar” has wordings of Surah Isra and Surah Kahaf 1st and last ayats. Surah Isra begins with Subhan Allah, Surah kahaf beings with Allhamdulillah, then In surah Kahaf says no one must do shirk = Ia Illaha IAllahu, Surah Isra ends with the words Glorify Him with great Glorification = Allahu Akhbar in 3rd kalima. it goes in a circle.

This is extracted from the Ustad Nak lectures ” Surah Kahaf in Depth ” and Devine speech ” Coherence in Quran ” proof that the Quran is the word of Allah because no man can such words.



  1. Wow ALhamdullilah We have received Quran with such miracles. Thanks for reminding me that 🙂

    It was a great post and really informative, i will start the Quran Tafsir of NAK of the Cover to cover. May Allah bless you a lot 🙂

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