Gems from the 1st Ayat of Surah Kahaf

Friday = Surah Kahaf Day.
The Gems of 1st ayat of Surah Kahaf.

“[All] praise is [due] to Allah , who has sent down upon His Servant the Book and has not made therein any deviance” 18:1 .
1. it begins with the Praise and Gratitude of Allah that he sent down the great Revelation.

2. Normal Grammer of the ayat could have been ” he sent down the Book upon his slave” But the ayat goes like ” And he sent down upon his slave… the Book ” , So there are two main reasons for the peculiar pattern of the ayat, If you want to emphasize on something you say things like. ” A Beautiful Burger i ate ” in short can be said like ” A Burger I ate” . second you want to make them Curious , like in award shows they say “and the Winner is…. XYZ” , Same way when Allah said ” Praise and Gratitude belongs to the one who sent down upon his slave…. ” every one kept thinking what is it ? it must be something really really Important.

3. The Slave comes 1st and then the book, and Allah called his Beloved Pbuh the slave instead of a Messenger, because the Messenger can add something from his own, but a Slave can’t add or exclude something from his own. A slave only obeys the Will of the master.So calling Him pbuh the slave 1st and then talking about the book is the proof there will never be any error in the book, the slave will tell it exactly what to do, when to do, how to do.

4. Surah kahaf is Makki Surah, Quran got Completed in Madina after a decade of migration, but Allah revealing a Surah in Makkah and saying ” he sent down upon his slave the Book” it was his promise that the Quran is going to be revealed Completely, it also relaxed Prophet Mohamamd Pbuh.

5. Allah made his Messenger Pbuh slave who won’t make any changes in the Book, So the Book will stand straight and won’t deviate , So the next part of the ayat saying the book in it has no deviance.

Lessons taken from Ustad Nouman Ali khan Series ” Surah Kahaf in Depth”


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