Creator knows what he Created

I’m one of those people who doesn’t have control over his eating. Oh Boy if anything makes me lose control over my self its “Food ” . Sometimes I feel like I was born to be an Eater. I have this crazy rule of mine ” If people party like a Rock Star, I eat like a Dinosaur ” .

Recently me and my friends paid a visit to one of the best eating places in Peshawar ” Shiraz Ronaq ” for a Dinner. They Serve there almost 70 dishes. Pasta,Manchurian ,Shab Degh, Baryani, Palao, Kufte, Kabab, so many things were there that I cant remember them. So I tried my best to eat all of them but I left most of the dishes without even tasting in an awe of desperation. My Stomach was Full and I reached a dead-end.

Then I was reminded of how this world is not a perfect place to live in. 1st you can’t get every kind of food you want, luckily if you get it some how then you can’t eat all of it. and then I remembered Jannah, Where you can get all kind of food you want , 2nd you can eat all you want without getting your stomach filled. So its you just keep on eating there , Ohh boy what a best place to live in.

Allah knows Best what he created, He knows the psychology of a Human, so he motivates them to get to heaven by two different ways. He motivates one kind of humans by Sex, and he describes how beautiful women  and men of Jannah will be ,Second kind of group he motivates them by the Best kind of Food. So if you are an eater like me, then I’m telling you,lets go to Jannah, The angels serve there the Best kind of Food and your stomach won’t get full by eating that food.
P.S Jannah Mana Lo Food ka Love 😛



  1. Nalaik… I hope & I am sure you realize how fortunate you are in this life. So much of the world’s people do not have enough food & water. They suffer tremendously!
    You & I can eat until there is no more room in our stomachs. For us, hunger is a concept, not a reality.
    Your new Gravatar pic looks wonderful. and I hope your grades are living up to your new look.
    Your father must be very happy.
    I also want to say that I appreciate that you & I keep in touch with each other in blog world.
    You know I am not Muslim, but I feel you still appreciate me for what I am.

    • you just shared another side of the story, Indeed there are many who go to sleep empty stomach ,Indeed our lives are blessed that we eat to the fullest and eat the best. it is something that we should not only Remember to feed the poor only on Eid (muslim event ) and Thanks giving ( Christian events ) .
      ohh my grades going good, Im expected to top all the subjects , i will get good sgpa but cgpa can’t reach 3. i will end up at 2.9.
      and i feel happy that we stay in touch though we have a different background, but we are kids of Adam in the end if you are not an atheist to believe that.
      its really good to know, either you are one of those who are racist in their judgements and make those judgements me, neither im that kind of a Muslim who will hate people from other religion.
      so its a Win Win , “Every one is a winner ” .

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