God creation is better than mankind creation

Nalaik Panda

Steve job died 3 days ago.Ever since then he had been all over the media,and now he is getting on my nerves.if  I visit facebook every other post is about him.if i am reading blogs every other blog is related to him.What if he is dead? everybody has to die.Thousand of people die everyday, zillion of  people have been killed everyday in Plastine , Iraq, Afghanistan,Kashmir,etc world is not worried about them.Countless people starved to death.So what if he is dead ? he didn’t die due to poverty.And why youare feeling sad over his death ? did he give you Apple i phone for free ?:P Well here are the few things that makes Apple better than Apple(iphone) . 1.You cannot eat Apple i -phone when you are starving 😛 .2.What if Apple i phone had fallen on newton’s head instead of Apple ? well then,either he had been got wounded…

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