When There is a will There is a Way

You have probably heard that one many times ” when There is a Will there is a way ” , me too, the 1st time I heard that one was when I watching Shrek and the Donkey says that. as I grew older I kept hearing that phrase many times in Movies. But does it happen in Reality ? If Not every often but it does transpire. Lemme share you my personal life experience with you.

Almost 3 years ago i started Listening to Dr.Israr Ahmad tapes, and i wished if I have a teacher like him In real, to whom i can meet and shake hand and other than You tube videos I listen to him Live , eat next to him and eat together , share my questions with him. Soon wish was granted true, a great teacher having Islamic knowledge happened to be my teacher, He used to come to Peshawar from Islamabad once a month and used to give us 3 hours of lecture. His name is Dr.Yousaf Raza, and as I wished to get a Teacher like Dr.Israr Ahmad Allah provided me a teacher who is a student of the student of Dr.Israr Ahmad, yes Dr.Yousaf Raza learnt from Dr.Abdus Sami, who Learnt from Dr.Israr Ahmad. and Dr.Yousaf Raza is amazing , Masha Allah I’m very happy to see my great teacher recording for PTV , for ramzan Special 2015.

Then My good teacher evoke interest of Learning arabic in Me, and I wished for learning arabic, With in Months I applied for a scholarship at Bayyinah tv, and i got free one year access to Bayyinah tv , where I had the opportunity to learn arabic with Husna. Honestly it’s the best family Show, its the best show in the world, it should be broadcast every where on every channel, you will laugh so much while learning Arabic

I then wished for Improving my Salah, I Knew from last year, that There is Sheik Nasir Jangda, who teaches “Meaningful Prayer ” in america. and he has almost 10k students to whom he had taught this course, I so made wishes last year to avail this course. but I couldn’t find it, this year he decided to start it again from June, but the course fee was 85 dollars, it’s not that much but for a Paki student who never does any job, and i don’t want to burden my parents more, so I decided to get a shared account , i begged to my friends and some knowledgeable people, even to those who are Fans of Sheik Nasir Jangda and listens to his podcast, post extracted lessons from his sessions,even they didn’t show interest even it came for money. So days go buy, and i just lost all hopes from people and I prayed salah and made Supplication, “Look Allah,i want this, its one of my dream courses,you have given me so much to learn over the past few years , me without spending any money and having any means to attain that knowledge but you have been giving me, i trust you, I’m a sinful person,if I’m not given this oppurtunity it means I did sins. but Your mercy is never-ending, give me this chance too”. When days were ending, I just sent a mail to Qalam Institute which is run by Sheik Nasir Jangda, and his staff replied me with a link of a Scholar ship form, I filled it and on 1st june night I was given the access to learn ” Meaningful Prayer ” .

and I realized something Powerful, In the Path of Allah you just make a wish, if you are not given the knowledge Allah will give you reward for making the intention but you will never let you down. I’ am an engineering student I know from my friends how difficult is a Scholarship process for MS, they will look at your whole academic career,your CPGA, your research papers, your Final year Project, the worth of your University  in world rankings. But In path of Allah for the Islamic Knowledge I swear I never have been judged on How Many Salah do I pray daily , if I’m a good muslim? the knowledge I have gained did I applied it in real life ? I never have been judged on such things, it’s always been upon my intentions. and that is why I say its true every time with me when i applied it for the knowledge of Allah.



  1. whatever u hv written is very true…same thought I have described in my post

    Yes from last so many years I’m also thinking to learn arabic..even at my place many sisters have started teaching Arabic ..Allahumdulilah…but u knw as a human being we cud hv thousand of reasons for missing such beautiful thing and I’m also under those sinful people.

    I will be honored if u could send me whole detail of bayyinah arabic series…their timing etc on my email farugemini@gmail.com. :)…I will be waiting In sha Allah

  2. I am very happy about you, Nalaik!
    You know I am a Christian.
    Do you know of my career as a Costume Designer?
    I designed the costumes for a TV show “Little Mosque on the Prairie” for 5 years.
    I learned some things here from Zarqa Nawaz, the person who created the show.
    I believe we have a talking point between us.
    I think the world should hear how our differences unite into a peaceful & healthy place.. no war… no hate… only mutual respect and love.

    • well i just googled zarqa nawaz turned out she some huge journalist . and i wasn’t sure if you are a christian or athiest . well tell you what i have Read Some of Bible and tell you why i read it ? to Understand Quran more. there are terms in Quran some things like have a faith of equal to mustered seed even that is great, i was confused whats so important about mustered seed faith, i googled , i read some stuff in bible and read quotes of Jesus Pbuh, and it made sense when he said to his followers that if you have a faith equalient to mustered seed size with it you can move the mountains, waow so power ful and resonates with Quran. I always try to find things in Bible that resonates with Quran and makes me love my faith more. but i haven’t finished reading Bible cox i got into other stuff like learning arabic to udnerstand Quran . and knowing Islamic history. Even a surah in Quran ” Surah kahaf ” talks about young men who dissapeared has to do with the christiane story of 7 sleepers which jews didnt believe, but Quran explains it, and the context why Quran explained it. so my religion studies are getting more.
      if you are ever interested in knowing a few of Quran i will like to share a Islamic Source with you, its 120 dollar account. all about Quran. where i get to know diverse Prespective of Quran with Christianity and Judaism.
      Well im not saying it only existed under islamic rule but i m only aware of it and i believe it can exist under any rule if not curropted udner racism.
      In egypt and plastine under the time of Sulahedeen ayubi a Muslim ruler, muslims christians and Jews Lived together, and their Living together derived a word called Covincia.
      its nice to know you have worked with a Great Journalist from a Muslim Faith.

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