What made Adam superior than Angels ?

The Intention of this Post is not to hurt the feelings of Christian Belief, I love Christians, Im friends with many of them. The Intention of this Post is to explain the story of Adam in Quran. So.So i apologize in advance if i hurt some one feelings.
Recently a Post about Apple evoked something in me that was already there in my conscious but sleeping.i started studying Bible last year ,Idk what made me do that, Me being a Muslim Reading Bible even though i read Quran. That must be shocking for many Muslims and Christians. I started reading Bible to find out more about Prophet Jesus and from christian friends i already got so many similar quotations of Jesus pbuh from Bible that are exactly the same wordings of prophet Mohammad pbuh. and what ever you read,what ever you go through, what ever you came across is not for vain. It was made to be reach out to you, to be read out by you, to be seen out by you. i think now i should cut to the chase.

Bible begins with the chapter Genesis, which stands for ” the Beginning ” , Our Quran also starts with surah Fateha, which means “the Opening ” πŸ™‚ . but its not what we gonna talk today, Genesis Vs Fateha. Nope not at all, thats not my intentions. In Genesis, the God made earth and heavens in six days, and he made Adam and Eve and placed them in the heaven. Do we have same beliefs ? yes we believe the same. So whats the point here ? Where is the main issue ? the issue is if you read Genesis, you don’t read any where that God put something, the desire, the atom, the seed of knowledge in Adam that will grow on its own, and Genesis explains that When God placed him in Heaven he forbade him to go near the forbidden tree without telling him why so? and then the bible explains in its own through the words of the Devil that the tree had the fruit of knowledge,if you eat from that tree you get the same knowledge as God, and then Adam did so, he ate from the tree, and he got the knowledge, and God made angry with him and made him sent down to earth since now he got equal in knowledge to God. Now this is the story of bible. and having this story in mind solves everything, it makes you understand and appreciate the story of Adam in Quran at 7 different places.

so im sharing the 1st time the story of Adam it appeared in Quran, and the 1st time story of Adam appeared in Surah Baqarah seems like, God chosed it to be in Surah baqarah to correct the biblical account.because other places he shared the story of adam he didn’t talk about knowledge at all, but the 1st time in the beginning of Quran it talks about knowledge seems to me it appeared to correct the biblical story. So it begins in Quran as 1st Allah announces to the angels that he is going to place a Viceroy on Earth (not in heaven on earth , that is the main point to remember) , and Angels question the authority of Allah by asking why will you place someone as viceroy on earth who causes bloodshed? while we praise and worship you? and Allah said to them ” you don’t know what i know ” . having said that, he placed the seed of knowledge in Adam , he taught him everything, the names of every thing, the definition of everything,the Morals of everything, in short he gave him the Knowledge , and after doing so,He the Allah commanded angels to tell Him the names of everything, and angels couldn’t do it because they had no knowledge, and then Allah ordered Adam to come forth and tell the names of everything, and Adam came and did so, and angels said to Allah, verily we have no knowledge, we have little knowledge even that is from what you have given us, exalted you are. and after explaining the knowledge part , Allah explains that Angels bowed down and Sheetan didn’t so he became enemy with Adam , and then Allah placed Adam in the Jannah and told him not to go near that Tree, Sheetan is the clear enemy to you. and Adam mistakenly eats from it and ends up coming down to earth , for which Allah already told the angels in the 1st place he is going to place a viceroy on earth.

I explained the two different versions of one same story “Adam ” from Bible and from Quran. you are the one to judge between right and wrong. the path is clear to you.
If given the circumstances in bible, Adam eat from the tree only to acquire the knowledge is not bad,then it is something that human must be proud of, and God is someone jealous who doesn;t have to give us the knowledge Β right ? we need knowledge we don’t need God then. he is of a jealous Kind, and Thanks to Sheetan for letting us eat from the tree and making us knowledgeable, Guess what the biblical story has done? exactly the same what im suggesting, now in west you see majority of people hating God, and not wanting religion but wanting Knowledge, wanting science, but they are all blindfolded by the wrong story.

Because read the Quran version, Allah already placed in the heart of Adam the knowledge, the seed of knowledge that will keep on growing, the knowledge that made Angels bowed down except the sheetan. Allah corrects the biblical account from the start, because that basic account mislead many. if Adam ate from the tree for the sake of knowledge he is a hero as a Sinner, which means he is just like sheetan, but Subhan Allah , Allah corrected the belief, that it wasn’t the knowledge for which he ate from the tree, he ate it because he wanted to live forever like Angels , but sheetan deceived him with the tricks and lies, and after eating it he found out the fruit didn’t increase his life span and made him naked. so he came down to earth and apologized to God for that he bestowed upon him the knowledge and the Honor Β and he is ashmed for being not thankful to his God and obeying Sheetan who tricked him.

for reference simple read Surah Baqarah 30-40 ayats, and Genesis 1st 3 chapters.



    • you are arguing me as if i have said this. Its the Logic in Bible genesis 1st three chapters. i made a point why Allah mentions of giving a seed of knowledge to Adam and then telling angels to recite the names of things and angels said we don’t know. all that thing is came to correct something.

      • It was never for you brother..I am sorry if i Hurt you.
        It was for those who think so and claim themselves better than Muslims.
        I know many people who have spent their lives criticizing Quran,Allah and Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.w.These are mainly Christians ,some are jews and atheists as well.
        They know Quran better than us,they know ahadees but all they do is just as finding contradictions of some so called faults.

        I wish they had concentrated on their own books.

        Sorry again

      • ohh ok got it.
        Yes they all know the truth and they hid it and pretend it as their lie is the ultimate truth but in all that i feel sorry for those who have to make struggle on their own cox of their lies and spend their all lives to reach out to truth.
        sorry from my side too i thought u are saying it to me.

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