Nalaik Panda Graduated ( Pappo Pass ho gya )


I Usually Don’t graduate but when i Do i Make sure i Do it Flying . (When i was in 2nd grade i wanted to fly like a Harry Potter, and after like 15 long years of wait i was able to do it ) .

Never Ever Give up on your Dreams. because if you give up you will eventually Lose. Most of the People in my Family told me on my Face that im Dumb, im not that intelligent and compared me to other cousins. and this is very common with Asian and Desi people. So all there words were a mere motivation for me to do something awesome. and Finally with all the criticism the Nalaik Panda has finally reached the ultimate Goal of his Life , Yes ! im Graduated last week with a Crown on my head which doesn’t look like a crown but a black hat.
So is this the End of Nalaik Panda Adventures where i have said Good bye to studies for now ? and about to be employed very soon ? Nope. this is just the beginning and may be in future i may think again about making life of other teachers and Professors as hell but right now Im also thinking about finding a Apprentice more like a Companion to whom i will teach all my life experience as a Nalaik Panda. Just like in 40 rules of Love by Elif Shafak, Shamaz had a vision he will die in few years so he asks God to give him a companion to whom he can taught all the mystic knowledge that he gained in his entire life and named them as “40 Rules of Love ” , Same way after finding a Nikama (Laziest) companion as my apprentice i will teach him the “40 rules of Being a Nikama /Nalaik Panda).
I always wanted to make my Dad Proud of me, and eventually that Happened on the convocation ceremony, seeing me graduated he was in Tears of Happiness. When i was awarded the Degree he was Happiest Dad in the world. but then after soon the another quest started, when the Nerds jack ass people were awarded the Medals , it was like Rain on my parade but i had all figured out and i was with the Umbrella. Just as soon as Medal Distribution begin for the nerds i told me Dad and Mom lets go out side i wan’t to show you a new building and my Campus πŸ˜€
When the Group Photography commenced, and every one started throwing their Hats i was Calm i Didn’t throw mine, and when every Body stopped throwing and their Hats Fall off i threw mine high up in the sky πŸ˜€ it looked so awesome in the Official University Pictures.

Im in the Last Row standing with the Flag with my Hat on and every one throwing theirs.

Im in the Last Row standing with the Flag with my Hat on and every one throwing theirs.



      • Things are quite good over here, thank you for asking!
        Seriously, life is good in Canada, even for the worst off. If anyone in Canada feels hard done by, they need to take a good look all over the world.
        So, it’s been many years since I graduated, but I remember how happy I was, and my education has helped immensely with having a career.
        You must feel as happy as once I did!
        The fact that you credit your parents, Elders & arts teacher with your character building means you are not now only educated, but have inner wisdom.
        I think you will have a wonderful life.
        I am happy to have been able to share this beautiful event in your life, and even though I have never met you, I feel pride & joy for you.
        I hope one day I will be here to share other good news of yours.
        Perhaps it will be a job, a job promotion or even …. maybe one day you will have a little Nalik Panda of your own.
        Best to you, Nalik!

      • ohh so where you in some other part of the world before canada ? i hear that alot. may be one day i should see the life in canada, problem is with the americans they made lot of fun of Canada in How i Met your mother.
        You see there were very few good teachers related to my Degree, very few and i owe them for what ever i learnt from them. but most of my Education i owe to the Internet . You tube has been the best help to me.
        No doubt Graduation day is one of the happiest day in ones Life. and i Felt damn happy that day.
        right now im working as an internee of Voice Over IP will soon get a Job God Willingly.
        hahahaha hearing a little Nalaik of my own is fun, right now i have my Lil cousin and i enjoy alot with him, we have like 18 years of age difference but i play Fifa all the time with him. it reminds me of the little child that was once inside me .

  1. Masha Allah…Allahumma baraklaha:)…mabaraka mubaraka. I’m so happy , hey not because you are graduated now but to see your post. hahha..Its a long time man. The post is really an inspiration for the people who really wanna become nikamma.Loll. Will send your post to such persons. Hhhee.

    Ok. now jokes apart. Its time for some sweets from your side and sincere dua from my side “May Allah give you best here and hereafter”. Keep posting.

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