Life is Strange

When we were Little kids we wanted to grow Older and it was shown by the fact that when ever some one would ask our age we would tell we are 20 while we were hardly 5 or we would lie that we are studying in higher grades while we were students of Kindergarten.We would eat because our Mothers would made us eat just by saying if you won’t eat you would never grow older.
But now i have grown into a Man and now i wish that i Never had Grown Older. There is no good about Getting Older, Your Hairs start to fall off, You start to get fat, you start to have health issues, You have to worry about Future, Job, Wife, Kids, so there are only Tensions in Life then. Now i miss watching Power puff Girls , Courage the Cowardly Dog, I miss that when i was a kid i could pee every where i want πŸ˜€ i had such a freedom in Life.
When we grow Older we found out Life is Hazardous , Either you worry about the Loved ones or you worry about your Loved Ones don’t worry about You. and both are the worst feelings. You start to feel lonely and yet to want to stay lonely to be Happy with your Self. Sometimes you just want your Life to End because happy moments don’t stay for long. If you want to party all your Life even you will reach a point you will be hell bored from Parties. Some people just want to sleep all day to avoid the ugly reality of the Life. Some people just go on drugs to be like Ostrich to ignore the Warnings of Life.
But with all that Ugliness in the life, Yet there are many reasons that make this life beautiful, its the other nature of the Human to strive for the perfection while being Imperfect. To strive for the Better tomorrow which is a bacon of hope, the radiant of Light in the world of Darkness. The tears of Joy knowing there will be only tears of Sorrow in the future yet living the Moment and Thanking the God for those short moments of Happiness is what makes the Life worth Living.



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