Allhamdulillah /Praise the Lord

You know life can be a mess sometimes a Total Disaster. A darkness where you Loses your hope and wishes for death. It can become a scary thing for you. A Constant rejection from People, no matter what you do they just don’t want you in their life. Then you feel like your Life is a total Failure. But Believe me your Life is still not the failure if you are Grateful to your Lord even in those conditions i tell you, your life is Beautiful ,no matter how Miserable it is ,if you are Thankful to Allah it is worth Living.
There are plenty people in this world who have everything , every one but don’t have those words of praise on their hearts and Tongues so i say their Life is Miserable, its a total waste. No matter what May life bring you, Just don’t let it take away the words of Gratitude from your heart for your Beloved the Lords of the Heavens and the Earth . Say Allhamdulillah even when you are rejected, even when you are humiliated, even when you are just facing a worst failure of your life . Say Allhamdulillah when you say Allhamdulillah because many people don’t say Allhamdulillah.



  1. Alhamdulillah for all the blessings in my life. But believe me, there are days where I ask ‘ya Allah, what have I done to deserve this agony’. In moments of clarity I know it’s selfishness to ask that – because I know I have a lot more to be thankful for than many others… and yet, as human beings, we are weak no matter how much we try to be strong. We can only ask Allah to light our path, to give us wisdom and patience and be ever so grateful for what we have.

    • Dear sis, i praise you for saying the truth for how you feel some times, and honestly i have felt the same many times but its not what we are supposed to say. i feel guilty when i thinnk about the mistake i make. Cox look through the life of Prophet Mohammad Pbuh the most tragic life he spent. i mean he lost his dad before his birth, lost mom after birth, Grand dad passed away soon, Uncle died , Wife died soon, own people tried to kill him bycott him, called him mad and possed by devils and jinkind, then own people threw him outa city, exciled him , own uncle danced and celebrated the death of his son, lost all his sons in his life ,spent days without eating anything, people tortured him by abusing his beloved Wife in worst possible way, then he knew how his grand sons are going to die, his two daughters passed away the ones he married to Usman R.A , the list is never going to finish if you think about this man (pbuh) but never ever he said why me ya Allah ? why me ? infact every time he went through a trouble, takes a rug performs 2 salah and says the 1st word in Salah as ” Allhamdulillah” . we are missing that word in life sis, its the “Khulja Sim Sim” magic word to overcome the tragedies of our life.
      im sorry if i talked too much 🙂

      This day is a special day, It is yours, Yesterday slipped away, It cannot be filled with more meaning. About tomorrow nothing is known. But this day, is yours, make use of it. Today you can make help another This day is special day it is yours.( BY LORD BUDDHA).
      Allhamdulillah Ji.

    • it was very depressing Resa. My brother woke me up to this news and then i had sad day in the office. You know i already went through the 16th december incident of Peshawar where 500 school kids were killed brutally i still haven’t got over it. but then you hear bomb blast in lebnon, and next day Paris.
      i think the humanity inside us is dead. the single murder of one innocent soul is like you killed the whole humanity and yes we are all dead humans.

      • Yes, I remember you went through the Peshawar horror! This is partly why I ask.
        Nalik, not all humanity is dead. It just seems like it sometimes, and we must hold our hearts high!
        So, you have a job? You were in the office?
        This sounds good to me & I am glad for you.
        Please take care! _Resa
        OH and don’t forget your own advice “Allhamdulillah”

      • Still on my intern period.
        thank you resa 🙂
        Im on my way to gym. When i will come i will explain that ” Allhamdulillah” is kinda super kool version of christian saying ” Praise the Lord ” it has same idea but some crazy meanings since it is in arabic. but i will explain it all 🙂
        So till then yeah Allhamdulillah

      • ok back to explain the meanings of Word ” Allhamdulillah” . in Arabic word Hamd is the blend of two words ” Praise ” and “Gratitutde ” . In this world either you will be thankful to some one or you will praise some one. like i praise your photography for grafity art. totally awesome. but i won’t be thankul to you for your photography cox it won’t do me any favor. and other times u will be thankul to people for their favors but you won’t be praising them. but to God /Allah we are thankul and we praise him as well. We are thankul that he created us and gave us so much, and we praise him for His Beauty in everything around us. but praise and Thanks both are Verb, so is word ” Hamd ” is the verb, but in Arabic Noun is consider more stronger than a verb and reason for that is Verb is time dependent but noun is not a time dependent. like i say Resa was doing photography it means she was doing it in past but not now, not in the future, same way i say Resa is doing photography it means she is doing it now but not in future not in past, and if i simply say Resa is a Photographer and make it a noun it will mean that Resa always does Photography, in past, now and will in the future. So in Arabic the way to turn a verb into a noun is to use word ” Al” so it becomes ” Al-Hamd” and word “Allah ” with it becomes ” Al-Hamdulillah” which means
        All the praises and thankfulness belongs to Allah even when there was no creation , it belongs to Allah even now, and it will always belong to Allah even when we will die or the world will come to an end.
        You see how powerful is that word “Allhamdulillah” same thing like ” Praise the God ” in christanity but some crazy meanings. when i found out the meaning of 1st Letter of Quran “Allhamdulillah” i started learning Arabic grammer. and its been one year to my Arabic grammer learning.

  2. Yes, I see.
    I have always believed in love and peace. live & let live. Obviously many others don’t.
    I am at a loss when extremes impose their will (ie Taliban in Peshawar) & then others, who don’t want that will forced upon them, fight back.
    Living a good life in peace and harmony seems like a simple idea to me. Obviously many others don’t want that.
    Do you have a solution in mind?
    Thank you for the lesson in Arabic!

    • When i see things like Simpsons, Terminator and other seasons and serials already describing 9/11 years before it transpired and same thing about 13/11 on Paris already described in Battle field 3. i just get all confused. Yesterday i was watching American general already telling we have to attack 7 countries in 5 years in 2000. and that what actually happened. Afghanista,Iraq, Syria, Lebnon and Iran is still on that list. and in few years it will happen. I just don’t believe any leader of any country. i think our whole world is lead by some kind of puppets just following the script given to them . yes you can. yes we all hate taliban but who created them ? i watched movie ” charlie wilson’s war ” and in that tom hanks was donating money n providing destructionary weapons to taliban to win a war against Russia cox america has their cold war against russia but after that purpose is achieved they are terrorists. Same thing they did with iraq and then not finding any atomic weapons in iraq. its just all messed up Resa.
      and yes you are a Peace loving human that is why you love art 🙂

      • I see what you are saying. I agree, it is very messed up. Bush & the Americans made a huge mistake in Iraq, & I see the blunders continuing.
        Canada has 6 airplanes in the Middle East with the coalition. We have a new young Prime Minister who wants to bring the planes back to Canada & focus on what Canada always did in the past…. Peace Keeping.
        I only hope we can find some peace to keep.
        You are young, and have an analytical mind. Perhaps you should look towards a political career, and be some of the good the world needs.
        Sometimes I think you are not Nalik, but another word you haven’t decided on, yet.

      • atleast Canada is not like America. have you seen How i Met your Mother ? they made so much fun of canada in that. this is the problem with America they make fun of other nations. and American dream is a shallow well.
        ohh i just got 24 and im feeling old. i want to be kid again .
        im super Nalaik B-)

      • Dear Super Nalaik,
        You are young… maybe not a kid, but you are very young.
        I think being a kid… things are given to us. We need education, we need to learn to take care of ourselves & those we love.
        Now, older, but not old, we need to support good ideas in the world so that our children can live in peace and harmony. I love that you are Super Nalik! I know you will do good.

  3. Oh, and I don’t care if the Americans make fun of Canadians. To be honest…. we make fun of them. So, we are equal. I designed costumes for a Canadian TV show “An American in Canada”
    That was the funniest show I ever worked on.
    Humor is an artistic form of freedom of expression.

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