Machine Learning, Block Chain and the New Future



We read and Rejoiced the Famous Exodus of the Prophet Moses Pbuh, but the near future Exodus might not be such rejoicing in fact very traumatic for many and especially for those who will be migrating in this Exodus of the Block Chain. As the world of Computer Science evolved our life became luxurious, with the introduction of the computer we 1st rejoiced at the games such as Prince of Persia, Doom and many more. Then came the evolution of the Internet and with it a time came we all said Hello to the Social Media. I can’t imagine my life without my laptop and Internet. And then a few years back there was a huge demand for the Cloud Computing and with it came the Big Data and it Data Sciences. and Now the Tech has so advanced and the Artifical Intelligence, Machine Learning (MLP) and Block Chain we have reached a Point where Dubai is struggling to remove the Human Labors with the Robots by 2020, So an Exodus is due there. But don’t be shocked to read it now as its nothing new it was always on the way because Deep Blue was the 1st Chess computer who defeated a Human Chess Champion in a fair and square Chess Battle way back in 1996.

So right now many are stuck in the Paradox of Machine Learning. If you take the Victor Frankl perspective he says that a Man finds the purpose of his life through his work, and then there are many people who used to make a living by driving a cab, delivering a Pizza or doing data entry, such jobs will be replaced by the Artifical Intelligence, and these people will not only be jobless but they will also lose the purpose of their Life and in future you will see many depressed people because of this. But then you take Aristotle Perspective, who came way before the victor frankly, even before the Jesus Christ and stated that Humans are made to do extraordinary things, he said that the thinkers, the rulers should not do ordinary chores that have little utilization of a brain and more utilization of the Muscles, he believed that such tasks dull the Human Brain, so from his Perspective when robots will be doing the simple tasks Human will be a King of his own, each one of us has to do the thinking.

I don’t know if you have worked on tools such as Adobe Illustrator and Wacom Tablet etc, designing is something unique and it requires creativity, and a Computer on its own has an IQ of Zero, it can’t think like a Human Brain, so dear arts students don’t be afraid of losing your jobs right now, in fact art is the only thing that relaxes a human brain, and if you ever read about Plato he designed a curiculm to achieve the utopia which stated that the child in his first ten years will only learn art and Music as it nurtures the heart and brain to think calmly and smoothly. And if you followed LinkedIn top jobs, UI/UX (User Interface /User Experience) was the most searched skill by the Industries. and in the age of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning when the daily routine tasks will be done by your robots, you can be a Philosopher and can have a lot of time to think about the Life, and its due and maybe work a Little making this world a Utopia.


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