Stories of the Stars

Me and Stars have both many things in common. We both contain a universe in our selves and we both converse with other beings only if you listen to us carefully. So having many things in common we both have become best friends.

Looking at the dark naked sky under the moonlight is the best thing one can do at night. and These stars are very delicate and picky. They won’t share their stories with the common public, especially with the metropolitan people, maybe it’s their trust issue with them. So they only talk to those who give them their all ears, away from the hustle and bustle, away from the Noise and all the lights, then they will shine for you, share their untold stories. and the Amazing thing is that they are the best historians out there, they shared the sky with the likes of Aristotle, Plato, Socrates, Moses Maimonides, Rumi, Michael Angelo, Mimar Sinan, Leonardo Da Vinci, Galileo, Bruno, Francos Bacon, and the list is never-ending. So ask them how Pathogras and Ptolemy were their best friends, and how Aristotle was all wrong in understanding them and once they were hurt they took centuries to become friends with human beings until Galileo restore the relations. They are spectators of human beings, to them, the earth looks like Colosseum and they see us as a Gladiators. Clapping and standing ovations for the Best of the Human beings.

And With the approaching of a new dawn, they say their farewell until the next night when the darkness reappears they have stories to share from the other side of the world.


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