100 Books Challange

A Reader is like a traveling nomad, We keep traveling for the search of beautiful words and stories and writers are our traven, we halt when we reach a traven and get drunk on the Author writings, and after losing our soberness we start traveling for a new traven. A reader is a kind of a nomad that is free of a nationality, religion and culture, infact a reader and a writer are an anti-tribe; a tribeless tribe of their own, connected through words and dreams. and the books my friend, they also travel the world, far and wide… Stories need no visas, no passports, perpetual nomads are they as well. Stories transcend all sorts of imaginary boundaries and cultural ghettoes—national, religious, ethnic.

I have been planning to take a challenge of Reading 100 books in 2-3 years and then share the journey of my transformation after reading those books. it will be a kind of a Pilgrimage where I will lose my self and get a hold of my new transformed self. I don’t have my 100 books list decided yet and nor do I have any particulars writers in mind, I will just enjoy my journey along the way starting off from the Paulo Coelho novel the zahir, which i still haven’t bought yet. Down the line I will try to find some of the Hafez books (the Persion sufi Poet), Read some Rumi, Read some history and get drunkard of some of the fictions. So Please if you have your fav list of writers and books, please feel free to share and maybe if you pass along the extra copy of the book that you have read and not in the mood to ever re-read it again and found it worth the read you are welcome to share the book with me 😛 it will save the lazy reader like me save some time finding the book in the bookstore. and Also if you know some good bookstores in Islamabad/Pindi please do share with me. So by any means you be a part of my Pilgrimage and may be transforming me will transform you.

(And the Inner barney Stinson inside me says “Challange Accepted”.)



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