Happy Eid Mubarak

I have been super busy Learning Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects.this is one of the reason I have been far away from Blogging. Well now that i can create my own Posters so lemme wish you all Happy Eid Mubarak.



Eva Green from Hijaban to Astaghfirullah-al-azeem

Well Muslims can Understand the Term “Hijaban to Astagfirullah-al-Azeem ” but for westerns let me make it simple, it means from good girl to a bad girl. If you guys have watched “kingdom of heavens” which was based on Historical events. The Movie released in 2005 featuring Orlando Bloom,Liam Nessan along with Eva Green. it was the 1st major breakthrough for Eva Green and in that Movie she appeared as a Modest girl, Properly Dressed up wearing Hijab and it beautified her looks.May be She was looking like one of the Virgins from Heaven.

Eva Green in Kingdom of Heavens.

Eva Green in Kingdom of Heavens.

Few days ago news about Sin City 2 came out featuring Eva Green.and She was the cover girl too for the Movie poster. but The girl who was Modest and Covered up way back in 2005 ,was now almost naked. The girl looking like an Angel in Kindgom of Heaven is now looking like a Hooker. And i don’t even want to display the poster here right now that will lead people calling my Blog “Astagfirullah-Al-Azeem ” too.
so what went wrong with her ?
1. Is it the Modern Area ? Where by getting more naked each day will be consider as more Civilized and Modern ? if that So then Animals are more Modern than us they are always naked. Or why dont become a cave men again ?
2. Or she did some really Haram things,which lead her to this ? When Adam and Eve ate the Forbidden fruit the 1st thing happened to them was that there cloths were removed.
3. Or She met some real Bad boy who turned into like this ? or may be it was Cobra Star Ship who once sung a song ” I make them good girls go bad  ” .

What does Surah Fajr has to do in Out of Furnace?

Today i was Watching Hollywood release “Out of Furnace”. If you haven’t watched it,then say Allhamdulillah for not wasting your almost 2 hours.The Scenario in Movie doesn’t make any sense. Christane bale as “Russel baz” has a girlfriend.One day he drove the car after drinking and accidentally killed some one.and Went to Prison for several years.When he came out of the Prison then his girlfriend is Living with a Police Officer and he had made her pregnant.She is sincere to the police officer and loves him but on the other hand she wants to make love to Baz. and then it gets more weird.Baz brother gets murdered.And the same Police man came to Baz and told him the news.And at same night the police man with his girlfriend (ex gf of baz) came to baz home and had a dinner.and Now the same police man has taken the charge of Baz brother case. Seriously Hollywood? or Seriously America? two man sharing one women and every body is ok? Doesn’t make any sense.
Never the less,the Ironic thing about the film was that brother of Baz (who gets killed) is wearing a Tatto “Surah Fajr” which i find more offending. For what Purpose they shown it in a Movie ? what does surah Fajr has to do with your non sense Film.

What surah Fajr has to Do in this movie and why he even wearing this tattoo

What surah Fajr has to Do in this movie and why he even wearing this tattoo

Gracies Pep

Josep “Pep” Guardiola, born 18 January 1971) is a Spanish Football manager and former player. Guardiola played as a defensive midfielder and spent the majority of his playing career with Fc Barcelona and also serving Barcelona as a manager.
Couching Career and Achievements :
Pep joined Barca as a couch in june 21,2007.and then at the end of the season he was appointed as a manager of the team.
During his 1st year as a manager Barcelona made it to the finals of the champions league and won against Manchester united with 2-0 in may 2009 and Guardiola became the youngest man to coach a Champions League winning team.Then in 2010 Barcelona qualified for the Semi-Finals of the champions league where they lost to Inter milan. The next year the Barcelona retrieved their glory by again beating Manchester united in the Finals of Champions League on
28th May 2011.In 2012 The defending champions Barcelona reached to the semi-finals where they lost to Chelsea on 24th April 2012.
That is  just not the end of titles won by Barcelona under Pep Management, The Euro Champs also won Spanish League la liga three times in a row i.e 2009,2010 and 2012. In 2009 Guardiola finished the calendar year  with a record six trophies , the Spanish League, Copa del Rey, Champions League, Spanish Super Cup, European Super Cup, and Club World Cup, becoming the first manager in history to do so.On 10 April 2010, he became the first manager in Barcelona’s history to beat Real Madrid four times in a row in El-Classico.
On 8 September 2011, Guardiola was awarded the Catalan parliament’s Gold Medal, the highest honour. On 9 January 2012, Guardiola received the Fifa Couch of the Year  for Men’s Football award, with 41.92% of the votes.Under Pep’s couching Lio-Messi became the Player of the Year three times in a row.Pep also gave football the rising stars like Bojan,Pedro ,christiano tello, Alexis ,Theiago and Isaac Cuenca.
Today ( 27 April 2012), Guardiola announced he would step down as Barcelona’s coach at the end of the season 2011-2012. His record of 13 trophies in 4 seasons has made him the most successful coach in Barcelona’s history.The assessment couch Tito Vilanova will take the in-charges of Barcelona new couch this June.

The best thing about Pep,he was a sincere  and emotional couch.Barcelona didnt play with 11 players  because the field  12th one was Pep running, shouting ,instructing players during the game , and when ever a player scores a goal he celebrated it like he did it. and when his team lost he grieved more than the whole team.On of the funniest moment of  Guardiola was when Inesta scored a goal in 92 minute against Chealsea in the 2nd lag of Champions league and Pep ran half of the football ground celebrating it .
After hearing Pep’s retirement announcement  i felt like i have got failed in all of my subjects and now i have to drop out 😦
Thank You Pep , Barcelona Fans will miss you.

Thierry Henry back to Arsenel

Thierry henry is a French Footballer,a tall,dark skinned player.Made his football club carrieramous from Arsenel,where he single handedly made his team won several times and made Arsenel the best club of those times.And played best against Manchester united.Then he became the “Player of the year” for his magnificent performance.

The Free style
Thierry henry not only a great footballer but also best known for his free style tricks.


In 2004 he became a ambassador of Nike and did a funny commercial 😉

Moving to Barcelona

In 2005 Uefa champions league Henry made his team into the finals,where his team defeated by Barcelona .Even though the Arsenel couldnt win the final but Henry’s performance was worth appreciating.

Then in 2007 Barcelona singed Henry, where he  wearing the same
shirt as in Arsenel #14 , remained the most goal scorer for Barcelona several seasons,giving Barcelona a mermaids of Victories.

In 2009 on 9th may, Barcelona played in a real Madrid home ground against their rivals Madrid.Madrid had a advantage of their crowd and they scored in the start of the match.Barcelona got tumble for the moment but  then Henry scored a opening goal for Barcelona and then he scored another one.After that the situation turned in the favor of Barcelona. The match ended by the score of 6-2 with the humiliation for Real Madrid.But unfortunately in that match henry got injured just right after scoring two goals.

New York Redbulls
After the injury henry couldnot make a successful comeback and started to have trouble with the manager.So Red bull New York singed him in 2010 and where he is still playing.

Henry back to home

After training with Arsenal during the MLS off-season, Henry re-signed for Arsenal on a two-month loan deal on 6 January 2012.

Henry Reverting to Islam.
Henry also reverted to Islam in 2008, confirming the news while giving interview to Tv Channels

The Versatile Blogger Award ( My Precious )

On 12th December i was feeling down, i thought this world full of nerds hate me, but when i opened up WordPress , Amira gave me the happy news that she had nominated for the Versatile blogger award.On 18th i had fever and i was sneezing like “Aaaachooooooooooo”  sorry readers ,flu begets flu 😛 and suddenly i got over my sickness when i found out that Judy had given me “the versatile Blogger award ” .THanx Judy and Amira for being so kind to me and giving me this award, its”my Precious ” 😀

7 Facts about me :

its a rule that when you get the versatile blogger award, you should mention your 7 facts, so here are mine 😉
1. I burp very loud , that is what im famous for in my relatives 😀
2.People say party like a rockstar, well i say eat like a dinosaur :D,yeah i eat alot and very quick, no one shares its food with me 😉
3.i eat very quick because i have sharp teeths and thats why my tongue has been cut into pieces 4 times :P,and due to that ,some times when i talk i stammer but still giving up to rap i say never B-)
4.my fear,not heights, death and not even exams because ima exam warrior.
the things that im afraid are , rats and lizards 😀
5. I always wanted to join Pak-army, tried once, and got rejected in final stages of I.S.S.B test. Will give it another try God Willingly .
6. my crush, damn . it was Avril lavigne,actually she sued to propose me every time i hear her song ” girl friend “,she used to beg me ” hey hey hey, i can be your girl friend ” but then i turned her down ,because im already  in love with some one else 😀
7.I have a very strong memory, i remember events with their proper time but my strong memory only fails to work during the exams 😦
(all these facts were fake 😀 ,thanx for reading 😀 )

The Nominations .
now lets cut to the chase,you have to nominate 15 people atleast when you get the versatile award that is the rule. i know all the bloggers that  are on wordpress are awesome but  tonights Nominations are
1.Becoming bitter, she is an excellent writter,writes funny,and different, i give this award to her on her series ” 12 Days of Christmas ” ,the day 9 was about me 😉 , do read it , you will enjoy .
2.Spoiled wali, he is just like me, after all he is my friend. he loves Barcalona,likes Eminem,he and i have almost same music taste, and he knows a lot about dogs , he loves photography.
3.Hanna , great blogger, her articles are really informative , gives me information about my religion ,and daily
4.A Pakistani Boy , a young teenager , who loves to write poems .I enjoy reading his work .
5.Laila , a blogger that you must follow on wordpress , she is a pensive writer .
6. eva626 , she is a funny writer, she is also awesome at writing poems, writes about her daily life experiences .
7. elaviel413 , her blog is another world , her site is awesome , the best thing about her poems, when i read them i think some one should launch a song on it .
8.,Sarah Cho  she starts all her posts with ” i wish if _____ was my dad ” and every time you will  read a same title with a new funny story 😀 .
9.Khanumsays.She is the most unique blogger here on wordpress, you wont find any person on wordpress who will write her posts in urdu, her posts have a classical touch in it , that gives the thrill , and emotional feelings to its readers .
10. Glamorholic , she is an patriotic, promoting her country culture 🙂 and every one should be like her.
11.thoughtsoflifeexperience. a great blog , here you will find everything you want, history,education,maths,music, what ever you want to find in one place just visit this place.
12 Haibar Zair ,the one who introduced me to worldpress,she has a great writing style , writes poem’s and sometimes thought provoking tales.
13. Sonia G Medeiros , i just followed her and read her few of posts and she has a great site, i hope you will leisure reading her posts.
14. Peas and Cougars, not only just a blog but also a comic , good at writing funny posts 🙂
15. Love WHit,she is amazing photographer .her photography tells the story.
16. And the last one that im left with goes to …. yeah My self 😀
ohhh my precious :* .

Congrats on getting the versatile blogger award ,now follow the rules 😛

have a nice day 🙂

World war 3 the El CLasico

El Clásico
  , is the name given in football to a match between Real Madrid and Barcelona. It is contested twice a year in the Spanish La Liga competition.


The rivalry comes about as Madrid and Barcelona are the two largest cities in Spain, and the two clubs are two of the richest, most successful and influential football clubs in the world. FC Barcelona have 72 trophies, Real Madrid 74 – Athletic Bilbao comes third with 32 trophies.

The Match between madrid and Barcalona is like a World War 3. Every time when there is a match between Barcalona and real madrid the friends turns into greatest foes.Over the past 4 years the Barcalona is winning from  Madrid but this time they are saying things will be change.
Tonight its again the World war, yeah the El-Classico. The match will start at 2am according to Pst ,im so excited cant wait any more for the match to start,Only 3 hours are remaining .Im with my team Barcelona  , who’s side you are with ?Messi or C7(ronaldo )  ? are you supporting  pep guardiola or Joseph Marino? Barcelona or real Madrid ?