The Rise of the Bakras

We all have seen the Blockbusters such as the Rise of the planet of the apes, the Zombie apocalypse or some aliens taking over the earth and in the near future, we will be seeing the Computers taking over the planet earth with the advancement of the AI and such themes have become too Mainstream in the Hollywood. This Eid I am giving you something Special, something New, Something that should have heard long ago but it never existed, yes I am giving you for the 1st time in the history of the Mankind “the Rise of the Goats”.

Note for the Non-Urdu Readers: Bakra is Goat in Urdu.
Rise of the Planets of the Goats
It all started with the famous Phrase of our Desi moms ” Beta Badam Khao, Badam Khane se Aqal Teez hoti ha ” even though we all know ” Aqal Badam khane se ni balke dhoka Khane se ati ha “. So somewhere there was a stupid kid, who adored his bakra (Goat), and the almonds he was eating which are meant only for the humans, he shared them with his adored Goat as well. and with the 1st byte of the Almond, there was a spark created inside the brain of the Goat and it became unconscious for a lil while. and when it came back to its senses it wasn’t the same. It started to understand the kid’s language. the Kid got relieved to see the Goat came back to its senses and it said “Thanks God” and the Bakra understood what the kid meant. Now the Kid has gone back to his Room. Not far away from the Yard, there was a Public Library and the Goat with the brains wanted to read the Human Books. so he escaped the backyard of the Home and went to the Public Library totally Undetected, why he was able to go to Public Library Undetected? Dah! because no one goes to Libraries anymore. The 1st thing the Brainy Bakra does in the Public Library is that it finds the Roman and Greek Philosophy and it lands on the Will Durant books on the Philosophy and Chews all the Philosophy of the Socrates, Aristotle, and Plato. Next, it chews on other Philosophers books such as Auguste Comte, Friedrich Nietzsche, Victor Frankel, Sigmon Freud and Voltaire. Then it goes to the Science Section and chews on the Stephan Hawking book ” the Brief History of time”. it also chews on some of the volumes of 50 shades of grey to have a balance between total Brillance and total Stupidity. and when the stomach of the Bakra gets filled it makes its way out of the library back to the yard where he was kept for the Sacrifice of the Eid.

With Great Power comes the Great Responsibility, remembers the Bakra from the original spiderman movie of Tobey Maguire it watched on the Kids Mobile just a day before getting his super Brain. Since the Bakra has chewed on the Voltaire philosophy, it knows what right its Kind is missing. The Right to Freedom. But before it departs, it must say the truth to the Kid who accidentally gave him the superpowers. and there the Kid comes and the Goat starts addressing the kid.

Bakra:”Baa ! Hey Kido, I am the Bakra you bought for the Slaughter this eid, you don’t need to lie to me that you gonna play peek a boo with me. before I depart, I must tell you the truth,Baa ! Your Kind, I mean the Homo sapiens, Baa! they are the worst I have seen. ”

The kid 1st startles to see the talking bakra, the kid remembers a talking donkey from the Shrek movie but it was just a movie, not a reality but now its a talking Bakra in front of the kid. So the Kid gathers some strength and says

Kid: What Do you mean by that?
Bakra: Baa ! You homo sapiens actually became the Bakra Ball Fondlers when the time of the Eidul Adha comes, Baa ! You guys come and play with our nuts, and when it starts to get fun, you guys leave us unattended. its the worst crime I have witnessed against Goats race committed only by the humans. and after doing such a hideous crime you compare your kind with ours, I get comparisons with Messi and Rolando all the time. Tell you what, none of them can chew grass so stop comparing them to us.
Kid: I am only 13, I only watch Pogo, So I don’t know what you mean by that. but yes okay, from now on I won’t say Messi or Ronaldo is a G.O.A.T.
Bakra: and the worst is that your Kind is the most Racist one I have ever seen. Baa! It’s the 21st Century and Your so proclaimed Feminist kind will speak publically about the Equal rights everywhere, Baa ! but when it comes to slaughtering animals on the Eid, its always gets to be a male Gender. Baa !You are such a Hypocrite kind.
Kid: waoww, Our feminists never thought about that.
Goat: now its time to think about it, don’t just limit the gender rights to Wahmen, we also have gender rights in our race. BTW, Baa ! I am getting late, I just wanted to say Goodbye, I have lot of things to do, I have to free my kind from being slaughtered on this Eid.

And with that the Bakra said Good riddance to the kid and went on this quest to the “Rise of the Goats”. Stay Tuned till next eid to find out how the Bakras Rule the world.

Lessons: Love Your Bakra but Never ever share an almond with the Bakra.
Don’t have a Public Library in the Neighbour, just in case if the Bakras ever have the powers of reading and understanding the Humans Library they will be the 1st one even before the apes and Zombies to rise to the powers.
last but not the least, The Feminists of 21st centuary should have some principles, Bakra is a Male, talking about equal rights try slaughtering a female goat.


Selfie ka Keera

So one of the Most Annoying things I face every day in my office is seeing the Selfie ka Keera in my working environment. So far from my Scientific Observations, I have seen this keera relatively higher in the females than the males.

Now the anomaly behavior of this Keera is that it makes its host do weird things for no stupid Reason. You go to the office every day, You go to the same workplace every day, you sit on the same chair every day, use the same Laptop every day, Same light effects nothing change. its not like you visited an exotic place for the 1st time, or the scenery is breathtaking, or there is a rainbow on the top of your head no its the same old roof, not even the color of the walls has been changed, its not like you are wearing a Gucci or an Armani shirt today or today you are wearing a new Rolex or a philipe pattek wrist watch or today some new celebrity has visited the office, its not like you bought a new spectacles that now your face is totally changed or you have changed your hairstyle, its been the same since past 1 year nothing is different from yesterday or from past one year but still I don’t know why the victim of this keera will waste one hour in the office taking a selfie.

the chicks of my office gonna waste one hour just taking selfies every single day. If the angel of the death could be detected by the camera, they would ask him hey wait before you take my soul, let’s take a selfie. and then they would put it on social media with the hashtag #SelfieWithAngelOfDeath.

People accomplishments in the roman era was calculating the Diameter of the earth with out having any proper instruments, Pythagoras achievement was putting a theory that sun is the centre of the universe, Egyptions built pyramids way before the romans to observe the astronomical heavenly bodies, our greatest achievement every day is finding the right Kutte wala Filter for the face.



Machine Learning, Block Chain and the New Future



We read and Rejoiced the Famous Exodus of the Prophet Moses Pbuh, but the near future Exodus might not be such rejoicing in fact very traumatic for many and especially for those who will be migrating in this Exodus of the Block Chain. As the world of Computer Science evolved our life became luxurious, with the introduction of the computer we 1st rejoiced at the games such as Prince of Persia, Doom and many more. Then came the evolution of the Internet and with it a time came we all said Hello to the Social Media. I can’t imagine my life without my laptop and Internet. And then a few years back there was a huge demand for the Cloud Computing and with it came the Big Data and it Data Sciences. and Now the Tech has so advanced and the Artifical Intelligence, Machine Learning (MLP) and Block Chain we have reached a Point where Dubai is struggling to remove the Human Labors with the Robots by 2020, So an Exodus is due there. But don’t be shocked to read it now as its nothing new it was always on the way because Deep Blue was the 1st Chess computer who defeated a Human Chess Champion in a fair and square Chess Battle way back in 1996.

So right now many are stuck in the Paradox of Machine Learning. If you take the Victor Frankl perspective he says that a Man finds the purpose of his life through his work, and then there are many people who used to make a living by driving a cab, delivering a Pizza or doing data entry, such jobs will be replaced by the Artifical Intelligence, and these people will not only be jobless but they will also lose the purpose of their Life and in future you will see many depressed people because of this. But then you take Aristotle Perspective, who came way before the victor frankly, even before the Jesus Christ and stated that Humans are made to do extraordinary things, he said that the thinkers, the rulers should not do ordinary chores that have little utilization of a brain and more utilization of the Muscles, he believed that such tasks dull the Human Brain, so from his Perspective when robots will be doing the simple tasks Human will be a King of his own, each one of us has to do the thinking.

I don’t know if you have worked on tools such as Adobe Illustrator and Wacom Tablet etc, designing is something unique and it requires creativity, and a Computer on its own has an IQ of Zero, it can’t think like a Human Brain, so dear arts students don’t be afraid of losing your jobs right now, in fact art is the only thing that relaxes a human brain, and if you ever read about Plato he designed a curiculm to achieve the utopia which stated that the child in his first ten years will only learn art and Music as it nurtures the heart and brain to think calmly and smoothly. And if you followed LinkedIn top jobs, UI/UX (User Interface /User Experience) was the most searched skill by the Industries. and in the age of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning when the daily routine tasks will be done by your robots, you can be a Philosopher and can have a lot of time to think about the Life, and its due and maybe work a Little making this world a Utopia.


Very recently hearing about the Ronaldhinio Retirement my paradigm about life was changed. As he is the only footballer who is being applauded even by his greatest rivals Real Madrid. the only footballer getting a standing ovation by the madrists on scoring goals on them in Santiago Barnabau. Why is that so? because he was so true to his love for football that he was never involved in any foul play, he considered football as a part of his body and wishes to be buried with a football. When you love something to such extreme it’s very likely to be applauded by the opponents for the love you hold for a certain thing.
Life is about finding its meaning and that meaning can be obtained by something you Love or someone you love and Once you find that something you love or someone you love and if you love it truly people around you will be inspired by you. It could be by loving someone, loving some idea, or loving some profession. Just look at the examples of Abdul Sitar Edhi a guy who loved the humanity and loved it so much that day and night he just spent all his efforts helping the people in need. and what did it earned him? love of People irrespective of religion, nationality, and culture. just look at Hans Zimmer, he loves creating heavenly Music and people just love him for his addiction to creating epic sensations. or look at the life of Bilal R.A a slave who found his meaning of life from an Ideology that gave him the sense of equality and then he adhered to that ideology even though it made him suffer great deals of Punishments and even his enemies would get tired of punishing him but Bilal was a man of meaning.So today you see almost every Muslim naming their sons after a Brown Man irrespective of their race and nationality.or take the example of Jim Carrey a Comedian who started comedy to make his Sick Mom suffering from cancer laugh, he considered making sad and sick people laugh as his ultimate meaning of life and people from every continent loved him for his comedy.

Finding Meaning in life is very essential. because once you find that meaning then you can live by to all the sufferings and traumatic times with a smile. Then you know that your sufferings won’t last forever but the meaning you are sticking to will live eternally.Enough of philosophy on life and Meaning today from Nalaik. I hope it didn’t make any sense to you cox believe me I also didn’t understand any of Gibberish I said 😀






Help !

You were strangers with people before you become friends with them. and it is the worst thing in life if you again become strangers with them. It really hurts. but the most tragic part is that it is only you who gets hurt over it. The other ones don’t feel anything for losing you.
They just want to hurt you and you are hurting more for seeing them having no feelings for you. Now the ones you once loved are turned into a zombie, who just want to hurt you with no feelings of regret for doing so. and then every body you once loved turned into the same zombie and you end up being the only Human being in the city of Zombies. and then you release that the problem is not the zombies any more but you yourself for not becoming a Zombie and still being a Human. and then you are just screaming for help and wishing from those zombies to come and hurt you and turn you into one of them.


God Creation Vs Men Creation

Mankind has this insanity to follow the perfection and now matter how hard we try to achieve that perfection there is always a Room for Perfection. And this is not just limited to one field you will see the same examples every where. Talk about Fashion, Hair styles and Shoes , their trends keeps on changing, every once in a month some one tries to see a flaw in present one and brings up the new one, and after decades they will bring up the old fashion with few minor changes yet it will never be perfect. Body Building has been evolving since late 18th century yet it has never reached the perfection that is why there is Mr.Olympia Every year. Music is never perfect, that is why you see new trends in Music, eventually people get bored and try to bring up something new. 1st it was Classic, then Hippie, then it became hip hop, later it gave birth to Rock/Metal, then to Rap, then Punk was introduced and now its the era of Electro and Trance but then some thing new will take its place but your hearts won’t be satisfied with it.
Take video games for the same example. I remember playing them on Bricks game and Atari Game, later we switched to Nintendo , then we bought Sega, after some years we brought PC , in 9th grade i bought PS2, In University i bought Laptop by telling my Parents i want to study on it but actually i played games on it for 4 years since you all know me what Im. You see nothing was Perfect.
Now observe the Creation of God. He created the Heavens (Sky) and the earth in 6 days. He only says be and it is Done. You see the same sun in existence for  i don’t know how many years. Every thing in the universe it doesn’t need an upgrade. Imagine if the sun in the Solar System needed an upgrade for few days, or the Moon needed a restart or the software of the earth got crash or the whole software of the galaxy got hacked ? the same things has been existance since uncountable years and never needed any upgrade or needed a moment to pause ? and if there are certain loopholes seems to the human mind its our incapability to see the divine Wisdom in them. and if The Solar System will come to failure one day it will be only because God wanted it to and it has reached the certified time for which it was created. If God created a Sun like i Phone series and each year you will have to wait for the next better version of Sun but it will only be increased by One inch thats all, no much more enhancement in the light giving. and then only rich ones would get light outa it, Some would sell their kidneys or lose their virganity just to get a light for one year and then die next year.
And why we Humans try to reach the Perfection ? when animals don’t ? because Ali R.A said something Mystic, He (May Allah be pleased with him) said , Before coming to this world Our souls were with God, the Perfect one, and when we come into this world our souls make us cry for the separation from the Perfect one so that is Why Muslims are told to give “Call for the Prayer ” into the ears of a infant to remind him by the words ” Allah is the Greatest ” that you will still be able to communicate with him and will be returned back to him one day  🙂