Mom and Dad are Love



A picture is worth hundred words, so from now on typing those 100 words i will create an image 😉


Help !

You were strangers with people before you become friends with them. and it is the worst thing in life if you again become strangers with them. It really hurts. but the most tragic part is that it is only you who gets hurt over it. The other ones don’t feel anything for losing you.
They just want to hurt you and you are hurting more for seeing them having no feelings for you. Now the ones you once loved are turned into a zombie, who just want to hurt you with no feelings of regret for doing so. and then every body you once loved turned into the same zombie and you end up being the only Human being in the city of Zombies. and then you release that the problem is not the zombies any more but you yourself for not becoming a Zombie and still being a Human. and then you are just screaming for help and wishing from those zombies to come and hurt you and turn you into one of them.


God Creation Vs Men Creation

Mankind has this insanity to follow the perfection and now matter how hard we try to achieve that perfection there is always a Room for Perfection. And this is not just limited to one field you will see the same examples every where. Talk about Fashion, Hair styles and Shoes , their trends keeps on changing, every once in a month some one tries to see a flaw in present one and brings up the new one, and after decades they will bring up the old fashion with few minor changes yet it will never be perfect. Body Building has been evolving since late 18th century yet it has never reached the perfection that is why there is Mr.Olympia Every year. Music is never perfect, that is why you see new trends in Music, eventually people get bored and try to bring up something new. 1st it was Classic, then Hippie, then it became hip hop, later it gave birth to Rock/Metal, then to Rap, then Punk was introduced and now its the era of Electro and Trance but then some thing new will take its place but your hearts won’t be satisfied with it.
Take video games for the same example. I remember playing them on Bricks game and Atari Game, later we switched to Nintendo , then we bought Sega, after some years we brought PC , in 9th grade i bought PS2, In University i bought Laptop by telling my Parents i want to study on it but actually i played games on it for 4 years since you all know me what Im. You see nothing was Perfect.
Now observe the Creation of God. He created the Heavens (Sky) and the earth in 6 days. He only says be and it is Done. You see the same sun in existence for  i don’t know how many years. Every thing in the universe it doesn’t need an upgrade. Imagine if the sun in the Solar System needed an upgrade for few days, or the Moon needed a restart or the software of the earth got crash or the whole software of the galaxy got hacked ? the same things has been existance since uncountable years and never needed any upgrade or needed a moment to pause ? and if there are certain loopholes seems to the human mind its our incapability to see the divine Wisdom in them. and if The Solar System will come to failure one day it will be only because God wanted it to and it has reached the certified time for which it was created. If God created a Sun like i Phone series and each year you will have to wait for the next better version of Sun but it will only be increased by One inch thats all, no much more enhancement in the light giving. and then only rich ones would get light outa it, Some would sell their kidneys or lose their virganity just to get a light for one year and then die next year.
And why we Humans try to reach the Perfection ? when animals don’t ? because Ali R.A said something Mystic, He (May Allah be pleased with him) said , Before coming to this world Our souls were with God, the Perfect one, and when we come into this world our souls make us cry for the separation from the Perfect one so that is Why Muslims are told to give “Call for the Prayer ” into the ears of a infant to remind him by the words ” Allah is the Greatest ” that you will still be able to communicate with him and will be returned back to him one day  🙂

Life is Strange

When we were Little kids we wanted to grow Older and it was shown by the fact that when ever some one would ask our age we would tell we are 20 while we were hardly 5 or we would lie that we are studying in higher grades while we were students of Kindergarten.We would eat because our Mothers would made us eat just by saying if you won’t eat you would never grow older.
But now i have grown into a Man and now i wish that i Never had Grown Older. There is no good about Getting Older, Your Hairs start to fall off, You start to get fat, you start to have health issues, You have to worry about Future, Job, Wife, Kids, so there are only Tensions in Life then. Now i miss watching Power puff Girls , Courage the Cowardly Dog, I miss that when i was a kid i could pee every where i want 😀 i had such a freedom in Life.
When we grow Older we found out Life is Hazardous , Either you worry about the Loved ones or you worry about your Loved Ones don’t worry about You. and both are the worst feelings. You start to feel lonely and yet to want to stay lonely to be Happy with your Self. Sometimes you just want your Life to End because happy moments don’t stay for long. If you want to party all your Life even you will reach a point you will be hell bored from Parties. Some people just want to sleep all day to avoid the ugly reality of the Life. Some people just go on drugs to be like Ostrich to ignore the Warnings of Life.
But with all that Ugliness in the life, Yet there are many reasons that make this life beautiful, its the other nature of the Human to strive for the perfection while being Imperfect. To strive for the Better tomorrow which is a bacon of hope, the radiant of Light in the world of Darkness. The tears of Joy knowing there will be only tears of Sorrow in the future yet living the Moment and Thanking the God for those short moments of Happiness is what makes the Life worth Living.

Mothers are Super Heroes

We all watch superhero’s comics,cartoons and movies.Like Superman,X men,Power puff girls,Fantastic four,Captain America ,Wonder woman and So on.We imagine being like them,or imagine some one to be like them and be our hero. In the end of the day we know that they are not real .But what if i tell you about a super Hero who is real and exists in almost everyone’s life ? The real Super Hero are our Mothers.

 A Mom is more Powerful than a Superhero and yes she has her own Superpowers.Moms don’t fight crimes,At dark fight evil or things that you watch in Super-movies But they do the most difficult job on earth.1st ,just like Bodybuilders go bulking before the competitions,and then look Muscular,in Same way our moms do a kind of bulking but which is called getting pregnant 😀 then carrying extra weight for 9 months they are trained enough to be a Super Mom. No Super Hero can give birth ,Only a Mom can does such a Heroic thing.A Superman has never faced a broken bone but a Mom is a Real Super hero who go throw extreme pain during child-birth and yet she loves her Baby,its a real heroic thing.And what they do after becoming a Super mom? Well if you bring a Superman to hush up a little baby, he cant make him/her smile,he cant make it go to sleep,he cant feed it.A Superman cant go near Krypton but a Super Mom she doesn’t mind changing the diapers.And her Super powers are great.A kid don’t know how to talk and write but a Mom will know through her super powers that her kid is hungry or it needs some sleep.”Super Pillow ” is her another super power,If you are feeling tired but cannot sleep,just lay your head on her shoulder ,lap or chest and you will be lost in dreams. If you are hurt,broken and feeling depressed ,she will give you “Super-Hug” that will forget your Sorrows.

And what more good they can bring ? “if there are 5 people and 4 apples,Mom will say i never liked apples”(Ibne Seena ) .They give up their sleep,rest,appetite ,hobbies,friends,life and everything for us.They keep us warm,young and alive.And as long as our Moms are alive our days are save .Those who have lost Moms,may Allah bless them in heaven,and those who have moms,may Allah keep them long because nobody wants to lose a “Supermom” .
I Love my Super Hero,My Beloved Mom ❤ .

End Of The World

Just like the crap movie said ” the World Gonna end this 21st December ” (2012) , i Wished if it was true, because i have three quizes and two assignments on saturday and on 8th january i have final exams , so it would be great if world really ends on this friday ,so i dont have to prepare for these quizes, and dont have to get bad grades 😛 and wheeyyyyy no studies, and with the end of the world there is a heaven and in that heaven virgins are waiting for me  3;-)
ahh but my wish never gonna come true 😦 ,so dear Virgins hold on and keep waiting for me ,this World not gonna end so soon.

Sorry Qauid-e-Azam

its 25th December, the Birth of a Legend , who carved the map of the history and gave us the Free land , yeah Pakistan .
you are my mentor , i remember your words, your sayings, sometimes when i feel down i try to remember one of you saying
“Momin kabi Mosibat se nahi ghabrata ” Translation  .
” a Believer never gets worried from troubles ” .

But this time i wanna take my time out to say you sorry for the things you had done for us, Sorry man that you gave us the freedom which we never deserved, we never respect you from heart, for us you are only our hero on independence day and 25Th December, sorry that you used to stay awake for this nation which not even appreciates your efforts .
Happy birthday man, i just wish if ALLAH puts some love for you in this
self-centered Nation’s heart , so it can find its destiny.
Long live Pakistan .

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