Togther Again

Nalaik Panda is excited and happy to share the news that I am moving out to Islamabad with my best friend Spoiled Wali. We both tried to move out to Islamabad for University back in 2010 when we applied for IST and rest is history.

We define the true meaning of Hanging Out together near Faisal masjid.
taimur and farhan.jpg

and On our way back home we lost our all Important Documents at Faisal masjid and some guard may Allah Bless him, found our documents and called us to collect it ,else we where headed towards peshawar with out them. The Documents were our real Degrees, certificaitons, and ID Cards. and now we both are together again for not just one day but for Jobs. So you can imagine what happens when a tornado meets a volcano. 418148_397054373639709_1710349852_n.jpg


Wedding Slide Show

Love is in the air and its wedding season. and I want to drop the bomb of my animation skills. Yes, Nalaik Panda is the master of all Jacks.If you are getting married or you have some wedding memories, turn your memories into an awesome loving slideshow 😉
here is the video

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God Creation Vs Men Creation

Mankind has this insanity to follow the perfection and now matter how hard we try to achieve that perfection there is always a Room for Perfection. And this is not just limited to one field you will see the same examples every where. Talk about Fashion, Hair styles and Shoes , their trends keeps on changing, every once in a month some one tries to see a flaw in present one and brings up the new one, and after decades they will bring up the old fashion with few minor changes yet it will never be perfect. Body Building has been evolving since late 18th century yet it has never reached the perfection that is why there is Mr.Olympia Every year. Music is never perfect, that is why you see new trends in Music, eventually people get bored and try to bring up something new. 1st it was Classic, then Hippie, then it became hip hop, later it gave birth to Rock/Metal, then to Rap, then Punk was introduced and now its the era of Electro and Trance but then some thing new will take its place but your hearts won’t be satisfied with it.
Take video games for the same example. I remember playing them on Bricks game and Atari Game, later we switched to Nintendo , then we bought Sega, after some years we brought PC , in 9th grade i bought PS2, In University i bought Laptop by telling my Parents i want to study on it but actually i played games on it for 4 years since you all know me what Im. You see nothing was Perfect.
Now observe the Creation of God. He created the Heavens (Sky) and the earth in 6 days. He only says be and it is Done. You see the same sun in existence for  i don’t know how many years. Every thing in the universe it doesn’t need an upgrade. Imagine if the sun in the Solar System needed an upgrade for few days, or the Moon needed a restart or the software of the earth got crash or the whole software of the galaxy got hacked ? the same things has been existance since uncountable years and never needed any upgrade or needed a moment to pause ? and if there are certain loopholes seems to the human mind its our incapability to see the divine Wisdom in them. and if The Solar System will come to failure one day it will be only because God wanted it to and it has reached the certified time for which it was created. If God created a Sun like i Phone series and each year you will have to wait for the next better version of Sun but it will only be increased by One inch thats all, no much more enhancement in the light giving. and then only rich ones would get light outa it, Some would sell their kidneys or lose their virganity just to get a light for one year and then die next year.
And why we Humans try to reach the Perfection ? when animals don’t ? because Ali R.A said something Mystic, He (May Allah be pleased with him) said , Before coming to this world Our souls were with God, the Perfect one, and when we come into this world our souls make us cry for the separation from the Perfect one so that is Why Muslims are told to give “Call for the Prayer ” into the ears of a infant to remind him by the words ” Allah is the Greatest ” that you will still be able to communicate with him and will be returned back to him one day  🙂

Nalaik Panda Graduated ( Pappo Pass ho gya )


I Usually Don’t graduate but when i Do i Make sure i Do it Flying . (When i was in 2nd grade i wanted to fly like a Harry Potter, and after like 15 long years of wait i was able to do it ) .

Never Ever Give up on your Dreams. because if you give up you will eventually Lose. Most of the People in my Family told me on my Face that im Dumb, im not that intelligent and compared me to other cousins. and this is very common with Asian and Desi people. So all there words were a mere motivation for me to do something awesome. and Finally with all the criticism the Nalaik Panda has finally reached the ultimate Goal of his Life , Yes ! im Graduated last week with a Crown on my head which doesn’t look like a crown but a black hat.
So is this the End of Nalaik Panda Adventures where i have said Good bye to studies for now ? and about to be employed very soon ? Nope. this is just the beginning and may be in future i may think again about making life of other teachers and Professors as hell but right now Im also thinking about finding a Apprentice more like a Companion to whom i will teach all my life experience as a Nalaik Panda. Just like in 40 rules of Love by Elif Shafak, Shamaz had a vision he will die in few years so he asks God to give him a companion to whom he can taught all the mystic knowledge that he gained in his entire life and named them as “40 Rules of Love ” , Same way after finding a Nikama (Laziest) companion as my apprentice i will teach him the “40 rules of Being a Nikama /Nalaik Panda).
I always wanted to make my Dad Proud of me, and eventually that Happened on the convocation ceremony, seeing me graduated he was in Tears of Happiness. When i was awarded the Degree he was Happiest Dad in the world. but then after soon the another quest started, when the Nerds jack ass people were awarded the Medals , it was like Rain on my parade but i had all figured out and i was with the Umbrella. Just as soon as Medal Distribution begin for the nerds i told me Dad and Mom lets go out side i wan’t to show you a new building and my Campus 😀
When the Group Photography commenced, and every one started throwing their Hats i was Calm i Didn’t throw mine, and when every Body stopped throwing and their Hats Fall off i threw mine high up in the sky 😀 it looked so awesome in the Official University Pictures.

Im in the Last Row standing with the Flag with my Hat on and every one throwing theirs.

Im in the Last Row standing with the Flag with my Hat on and every one throwing theirs.

Last Lecture

Finally today a day came when i had to take my last Lecture of My 4 years Engineering Degree. with this Nalaik Panda is just few days away to become an Official Engineer. I learnt a lot in those 4 years, meet very few good teachers, made some good friends, was able to see life in a new way. Engineering changed my life in those 4 years.
So Allhamdulillah that i made it this far, and now i pray what ever comes next in life, may Allah make me do his praise and gratitude in best possible way. I repent to Allah for the sins i committed , so he may Grant me knowledge for that. Being Nalaik i learnt that Knowledge doesn’t comes from Studying and becoming a nerd, it comes from Repenting to Allah . Nerds wont get it any way.