16th December the day hell was Raised

We always wanted our University Fast to be off during public holidays but fast always remained open.we knew the day it will be closed it will be hell of a day. So it happened a hell was raised on 16th December .
Me and my friends were Studying for next day exam and Mom came to told us 4 kids are dead in Army Public School , and it was 12pm me and my friend thought ok it will be under control now. and we kept studying. By 1.30 pm when we took brake for prayers and i went to my mom she was crying. i asked what happened and she said 100 plus kids are dead. Oh God 100? i couldn’t believe my self what just happened. So we went for prayers and when we came back we just could’not study anymore. When it was 3pm i heard now the situation is under control when 150 are slain brutally. #ThankyouRaheelShareef . All the peshawar was Closed. Those kids who returned from their schools mom are hugging them kissing them and thanking God for the safety of their kids. That day i saw every mother losing their mind and crying. Some one were crying because they lost their kids, others were crying because they lost their minds.
A brave kid survived from brutal Terrorists by playing Dead and taking a bullet but not screaming in pain because if he does they will shoot it in his head. So he lived by playing dead. How much strength a lil kid will have to take a bullet and not screaming,not even blinking because he knows if he blinks he would be dead in a blink of an eye.
Weak are human being, all night every one was just saying to him/her self that this thing didn’t happen. Let me undo it. let me rewind it. let me fix it. but we can’t . we don’t have any power. we are so useless but to God we are so valuable that he created Angels and jinns but called us weak ones the best of creations. and the best in us was shown on that day. at 4 pm all Peshawar Roads were jammed. because every one came out of their homes to give bloods to the victims. the hospitals were filled and their blood banks were fulled with in a hour. and they requested people to go back they have taken more than enough blood it is not required any more. but people were crying and saying please take it we want to help (Knowing how helpless we are we wanted to help. this makes us the best creation.)
Since i don’t believe in burning candles in memory of the victims or doing  a rally. So i wrote this post not forgetting what little kids went through that day.


Independence Day with orphan kids

This Summer “Jago Peshawar ” an organization consisting of youth took its physical form, and organized their first event on 31st july 2012,the 1st event was to organize the Iftari for more over 400 desolate people ,and by the grace of ALLAH and people donations it went great.
Our Next event was to share happiness with Orphan kids on 14th August the  Independence day ,for that we bought gifts, toys, choclates, mehandi and choriyan etc. For that we again collected donations  from people and ALLHAMDULILAH every one participated with us by donating. Organizing this event with orphan kids was the idea of our group member ” Taimur Wali ” .
Orphan House

There are 60 kids at the Orphan house, and all of them are cute,Funny and adorable.non of them is annoying and suborn.When i asked them,do you know the capital of Pakistan ? and most of them replied with the cute answer “Peshawar ” :D. being little their dreams are big, when i asked them what do you want to become ? and they give their cute answers like ” i want to become a Superman/Batman” some said ” I wanna became a solider” few of girls said ” i wanna became a doctor/ teacher “.

This is Najiya  with me and she wants to become a doctor

Ashan-ullah is a great artist, his drawing skills are amazing, may be he can become a great Architecture.

and they are 58 other kids with their big dreams.

These adorable kids are the future of Pakistan, and if we save them i tell you the Future of Pakistan will be beautiful like them.
All these kids want nothing from you,they just want to share their happiness and love with you.To them the coolest toy is just the cheapest balloon,We do so much care to the pets, but these are cute kids, We all do eid shopping, and girls buy shoes, purse, go to parlor, match a shoe for their every single dress, Just for a while put your self aside and think of these little kids,they have no one to give them Eidi, no Mom and dad to do eid shopping for them. And Remember Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W) said “I and the person who looks after an orphan and provides for him, will be in Paradise like this,” putting his index and middle fingers together. Volume 8, Book 73, Number 34 . and not as a muslim just for the sake of Humanity please do remember them in your Eid . A real living is living for others.
Our team is collecting funds and donations.We will give them presents ,new cloths and stuff as a Eid Gift on this Saturday.
if you want to help us by any mean ,please contact me at twitter /fb  ( demonsking19@yahoo.com)

Sorry Qauid-e-Azam

its 25th December, the Birth of a Legend , who carved the map of the history and gave us the Free land , yeah Pakistan .
you are my mentor , i remember your words, your sayings, sometimes when i feel down i try to remember one of you saying
“Momin kabi Mosibat se nahi ghabrata ” Translation  .
” a Believer never gets worried from troubles ” .

But this time i wanna take my time out to say you sorry for the things you had done for us, Sorry man that you gave us the freedom which we never deserved, we never respect you from heart, for us you are only our hero on independence day and 25Th December, sorry that you used to stay awake for this nation which not even appreciates your efforts .
Happy birthday man, i just wish if ALLAH puts some love for you in this
self-centered Nation’s heart , so it can find its destiny.
Long live Pakistan .

just shared it from Taimur 😛
awesome song 😉

A dreamer in the dream

After spending all day reading Allama Iqbal’s poetry , quotations now im feeling tired.I think i should roll towards my bed.now im in my bed, looking at the Allama Iqbal’s photo hanging on the wall. I don’t know whats wrong with this picture today,it is looking weird than usual.Allama Iqbal looking upset in this pic.i dont know why he is looking sad ? even today it is his birthday(9th november) , he should be looking happier (me talking to my self). Allama Iqbal: hey kid !
Me: who is it ? (looking down my bed)
Allama Iqbal: not there kid, here !
Me: wohoooooooooo! damn,how u did this ?
Allama Iqbal : what ?
Me: yo! is it your ghost ?
Allama Iqbal:  (no Answer )
Me: hey is it some kind of new animation ? is it some new kind of steve job’s creation? naah, he is dead ,it is something else.who are you ? Allama Iqbal: it is me,Mohammad Iqbal.
Me: waooo man, wait there Sir, I shall show it to my mom and family . Allama Iqbal: No way !
Me:  ok, by the way ,why so serious ? lets put a Smile on your face 😛

Allama Iqbal:  i have no reason to smile.
Me: but why Sir ?
Allama Iqbal : because this is not the Pakistan,what I dream t of ,what happend to the Falcons(youth/shaheen)  of this nation ? they even forgot how to fly ?
Me: Sir calm down,take a deep breath,may I bring you water to drink ? Allama Iqbal : ( Inhales) this nation is lost,they have forgotten, how their ancestors sacrificed their lives , so this generation can live with freedom.but still I am not hopeless.
Me:but how come you  have some hope remaining ? Allama Iqbal: because a Believer never losses his hope,even in the darkness, a believer hopes for the light. God is not a dead equation.
Me : tell me more about believer !
Allama Iqbal : I tell you the sign of a believer,when death comes,there is a smile on his face .
Me :  who is unbeliever ?and tell me something about death?
Allama Iqbal : Unbeliever is he who follows predestination if he be Muslim,Faithful is he, if he is the divine destiny. Death does not exist,it is a life that is a predominant reality ,not death.
Me: Sir why Islam is suffering these days ?
Allama Iqbal : no its  lost muslims ,who are suffering,Islam cannot suffer,Islam is itself a destiny and will not suffer destiny.
Me : Sir you were the mentor for this nation, this nation really miss you and needs you, please come back.
Allama Iqbal : my time is over, and I was not a mentor for this nation, the mentor for this nation is Quran and Sunnah , if all the muslims stick to it, they will never go astray even in the dark times.
Me : (nodding my head, in yes ) .
Allama Iqbal : Become dust and they will be thrown in the air, become stone and the will throw thee on glass.
Me: waoo, your words have power.
Allama Iqbal : words without power is mere philosophy and vision with out power does  bring moral elevation but cannot give a lasting culture . Me : So what this nation should start doing ?
Allama Iqbal : why should I ask the wise men:where is my beginning ? i am busy with the thought ,where will be my end ?
Me : well said sir.(nodding my head in yes).
Sir you were right , when you said ” a nation are born  in the hearts of the poets ,they prosper and dies in the hands of the politicians”.
Allama Iqbal: Art if the object of poetry is,to make men,then the poetry is the heir of prophecy.
Me: Sir,what thought made you a dreamer of this nation ?
Allama Iqbal : the thought ,why hast thou made me born in this country,the inhabitant of which is satisfied with being a slave ?
Me: Sir how shall I live my life ?
Allama Iqbal : “Arise, and soar with the sun’s new-born rays, To breathe new life into dying nights and days.”

Me : what do you think about faith ?
Allama Iqbal : if faith is lost ,there is no security,there is no life for him,who doesn’t adhere to religion .
Me : Sir , i have heard ,when you felt pity for the muslims, you used to shed tears?
Allama Iqbal:Lo, like a candle wrestling with the night… O’er my own self I pour my flooding tears… I spent my self, that there might be more light… More loveliness, more joy.
Me : Sir,how shall we awake this lost nation ?
Allama Iqbal: let this nation sleep,it is possible that while sleeping ,they may dream dreams of freedom and arouse.

open my eyes.
what was that ? omg ! i was dreaming.i think i should go and get fresh. Mommy! prepare my breakfast i am comming.(me screaming while,looking at the calender),damn its 9 November.
Me:(looks at Allama Iqbal photo) wao , it is smiling now 🙂
The End .
happy 9th November to Pakistan, May ALLAH grant
Allama Iqbal’s soul a lofty status in heavens .
Ameen ya Rabbil Alameen.

When a life gives you lemon in winter

Well things have changed this time.This time it’s totally a new situation.Winter has already started.its raining daily and at night its cold here. But one thing has not changed for sure, Yeah! life,it is still treating me with lemons.
It all started on Saturday,When I submitted money for the university trip.The next day we had to reach campus at 6:00 am .Some how I managed to reach there on exact time but the members who managed the trip were not there. They reached university at 7:30am.And finally our journey started almost at 8:00am. I though that the lightning never struck the same place twice,but I was wrong,The seniors called us on the front seats and did our raging .When I reached Ayubia I felt amazing,Ayubia is the only place where you can see flying squirrels .

On pipeline track  I Had time of my life ,with my friends .One of my friend tried to make me a call but “my cell keep giving me hell ” and I couldn’t answer any of the call all the way.

When i reached home at 2am after having a lot of fun with friends, I had feelings that tomorrow I had to suffer the consequences of staying awake for so long. So I wasn’t able to  attend university on Monday as I got fever and sore throat.

On Tuesday when I reached university at 9am , I came to know that i had to submit English assignment which was”to write a report ” till 10am,plus had to do Calculus assignment and also had to prepare for the calculus quiz.
when i heard this i felt like the forests of lemon trees had fallen on me, and i could not  even make lemonade of  it and drink it, due to sore throat, flu and fever and plus its winter.

The Other side (we expect to eat chicken while we are cooking eggs)

Nusrat  Bhutto has died yesterday, and a national holiday has been announced because Nusrat Bhutto had made so many sacrifices,With out her this nation would not be on their feet,She had been through so many hardships and privations that even our Real national hero’s like Allama Iqbal ,Qaid-e-Azam would belittle their effort if you compare it with her struggle, right ?
Thousands of Pakistani die every day in a bomb blast,hundreds of dying regularly due to hunger,gazillion died due to dengue virus,but nobody mourned over their death but when Nusrat bhuto died ,then there is a national holiday.because she belonged to a real Pakistani patriotic family who had been living their lives in Dubai,London and cannot even speak in Urdu,never dressed up like a Pakistani do,studying in western institutes,but when they die,they die a death of a hero,their death becomes a cause of a change ( the change that they die for is a holiday).

When Benazier Bhutto got  assassinated then a public holiday was declared because she was a real martyrdom but those soldiers who took bullets in their heads for the sake of country, their national holiday(6th September)  got cancelled.

Had my university today but it got cancelled because Nusrat bhuto died.Now you be listening and watching every other news relating to Nusrat bhuto for a month. because she was the only Pakistani living in Pakistan , living for Pakistan although she died in Dubai 😀 .i am so freaked out since yesterday that im thinking ALLAMA IQBAL was right when he said ,
“a Nation grows in the hands of a poet and dies in the hands of politicians ”

Our politicians are pollution. Come on people open your eyes, you are still eating the same shit, for how long you gonna eat “Aloo anday ” ??
you expect to eat chicken while we are cooking eggs !

In the end i will say “nusrat bhuto, zardari,and ppp khapey ( In hindko language khapey means  “demolition” ) 😀

Aloo Anday

Yesterday I was scrolling through fb and my friend tagged me in the song. I wondered what would be so special about it that knowing I don’t listen to songs any more, he tagged me in it. Yeah he tagged me in the video “Aloo anday ” .
” Aloo anday” is a song,the song of every heart in Pakistan, i guess,But no one ever sing it before.Its another patriotic song, after Shehzad roy’s “laga rah”.
The song “Aloo anday ” is sung by a band name ” Beygairat birgade”, well as the name is funny so is their 1st song.The song is  becoming a superhit, with the viewers of “60000” in 2 days. it’s a remarkable figure for a band appearing out of no where . As the song, the video also points out political bodies “PPP”,”Muslim league “,”tahreke Insaf” and some loopholes in our society .
The video also leaves the question in the mind of the audiences .
Is that video really sponsored by “Zionists ”  ??
At the end of the video , it says ” if you want a bullet in my head, then like this song ” 😀 lols

well folks if you haven’t listen this song , then enjoy it and if you have listened it before I know you gonna listen it one more time 😛 just like I am doing it now.