The Invincsible Samurai


Once a there Female Samurai Fuu, her beauty was as sharp as her sword, She was fast like a lightning thunder and she was known for running on the water. She was the Master of her very own Dojo, and her disciples were countless. Fuu never lost a battle and the one who loses to her not only loses the battle but his own life. the amount of samurai lost their lives to her in the battle were tantamount to the stars in the sky. Fuu was vulnerable to nothing and maybe because she never had any human feelings. it may be because she was born an orphan.



One day she sees a drunkard Hobo teenager outside her dojo begging for food. For some unknown reasons she took him in and gave him the food, it was maybe because he reminded him of her lonely childhood. The teenager Jin asked her to be her apprentice so he can take his revenge. the Fuu told him that to do so he has to defeat her strongest disciple which means killing Moogan in a battle. the legend says about moogan that once he lost his sword in a battle so he killed the enemy with his teeth. So the Jin accepted the offer and started practicing the art of samurai and In no time a Punk. He started defeating the disciples of Fuu until he reached the day he fought Moogan.

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He entered the Dojo to fight against Moogan with no sword and people couldn’t believe when they saw the strongest of all Moogan’s heart was ripped out of his chest by the bare hands of Jin. Fuu was impressed and liked the fighting style of her new Apprentice.and she started teaching Jin the skill of fighting in the blindfold. She sensed something unique about the Jin that her no other disciple ever had before and for that, she started to Love her. for the 1st time in her Life, she developed some kind of human feelings for some one. But little did she know Jin was a punk. One day Jin Challenged Fuu for the battle, which means one of them had to die. Fuu was afraid of something for the 1st time in her life, not afraid of the death that afraid of losing someone she Loved.


So the battle of death began and the two greatest samurais of their time fight for all night and when the dawn appeared the Fuu was badly injured but Jin barely had any bruises. when Fuu Fell apart, she asked him why he chose to fight her when she loved him and the Jin said “Once I had a Lover and she told me that she will Love me for as long as she lives but within a year she was over me  and I was nothing to her, So I decided that the moment when someone starts Loving me again, I will kill them instantly so that I have them dying Loving me, There was nothing Personal Fuu, I only Killed You because You Loved me ! “.  and with that said Jin wrapped the long silky hairs of Fuu around her neck and honored her with the most unique death that no human ever embraced.

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After that, he again Sat out his sword from the scabbard, commenced to perform the noblest act in the tradition of Samurai. the seppuku (honor suicide) and as he hit the blade in his stomach, and he said ” and I also wanted to die Loving someone, I love You Fuu !” and the blood stopped flowing from his body, there was this eternal bliss on his face, maybe he reached the nirvana. and He became famous as the Samurai who was Invisible.

(P.S I just made that all up and used the character names from Samurai Champloo and used their character real images, I wish if I could make it crazier but my writings power are not as crazy as my mind.)


Help !

You were strangers with people before you become friends with them. and it is the worst thing in life if you again become strangers with them. It really hurts. but the most tragic part is that it is only you who gets hurt over it. The other ones don’t feel anything for losing you.
They just want to hurt you and you are hurting more for seeing them having no feelings for you. Now the ones you once loved are turned into a zombie, who just want to hurt you with no feelings of regret for doing so. and then every body you once loved turned into the same zombie and you end up being the only Human being in the city of Zombies. and then you release that the problem is not the zombies any more but you yourself for not becoming a Zombie and still being a Human. and then you are just screaming for help and wishing from those zombies to come and hurt you and turn you into one of them.


Bullet for my Valentine

(its my 2nd crazy violence story after “Love is evol” )
Rebecca:a young beautiful lady
Sicko:just as the name,a crazy Psycho and buff Person.
Tammy:Friend of Sicko,love hanging out and a good person.
Victoria:friend of Rebecca

Rebecca calls to her friend Victoria 9am in the morning and talks about her night plans.
Rebecca:Hi Victoria! how are you ? what is your  plan for tonight ? im so excited.i will be making love with my valentine tonight,i don’t know what shall i buy for him ?
Victoria: waoooo! that’s so great, have fun :),um buy him a perfume,or a wrist watch will be a great gift.
Rebecca: hey nice idea 🙂
Victoria: 🙂 hey best of luck and Got to go ,bye 🙂
Rebecca: thanx buddy 🙂  take care and bye 🙂

Rebecca after ending the call,goes to take a shower and gets ready for the shopping.

Sicko meets tammy while in a hurry. and they both talk while walking.
Tammy:hey dude! where are you going in a rush ?
Sicko:just going to buy something ,nothing special.
Tammy:hey tonight you are also going with Rebecca don’t you ? so what are you buying for your Valentine  ?
Sicko:Bullet for my Valentine .
Tammy:you are always crazy :/
Sicko:hey do you mind telling me,from where i can buy some  roses ?
Tammy:sure ,go to Mall Road ,there is a stall of flowers in the the way why you need roses for ?
Sicko:have you ever heard of Guns and Roses ?

Sicko goes to the stall to buy some roses and Says goodbye to his friend Tammy.
At night 11pm Rebecca and sicko both meets at the restaurant for dinner.

Rebecca:hi Darling ! where you been ? i was waiting for you.
Sicko:in hell,sorry im late .hey lets order something to eat and wao you are looking pretty,seems like a girl in Shroud.
Rebecca:you are always crazy.
Sicko:no way,im not crazy .im Insane
after eating the dinner they both went outside for a walk.
Rebecca:hey i have a gift for you .
Sicko:wao ! a nice wrist watch 🙂
Rebecca:so what time is on it ? ( with a smile on her face )
Sicko:time to die
Rebecca: what ?(with a scared and confusion  on her face  )
Sicko:nothing,hey look what I got for you !
Rebecca: Omg a Black and Red rose for me 🙂 and hey whats in the other hand you are hiding ? ( with so much happiness and waiting for the big surprise)
Sicko:No need to hide it from you anymore, its my baby (points the gun at Rebecca head)
It was nice hanging out with you,hope you enjoyed your last Valentine.

Rebecca:(stunned and scared can’t do anything )
Sicko: Bye Bye Black Bird !
Bang bang bang ! ( Pulls the trigger and bullet passes through her head,she dies at the spot) .

Sicko:sorry Rebecca ! you were a nice girl, i think i will meet you very soon in hell.
With a Tear and a smile on his face ,yet not a tear of joy,Sicko looks at the moon and pulls out his diary to mark another murder.
Sicko:12 Years ,12 Kills, just two more to go and after completing my 14th i will see my Love Avril,I will do anything to get you ,its my promise. ( Avril is  a she-wolf,and will appear on the !4th night of February when the moon will be Red. )

thanks for reading it out 🙂 and please don’t wish me valentine and neither celebrate it because i don’t have that much bullets to kill all of you .
A message by Sicko 3:-)

Love is Evol

(This post is a crazy love story, based on Eminem’s  Quotations  taken from his songs and some of my crazy thoughts. i talked about this post almost a month ago in “Disrespecting the most famous person ” and now finally I think its  the right time to post it ).

Molly: when will you wish me Good night ?
Farhan: ummm, when I will sleep .
Molly: when will you sleep ?
Farhan: I am not sleeping tonight.
Molly : why are you not sleeping tonight ?
Farhan: Because, I don’t want to wish you Good night .
Molly: why that so ?
Farhan: I ain’t gonna sleep
Ain’t gonna breathe, til I see, what I wanna see
And what I wanna see, is you go to sleep. in the dirt.
Molly : that’s alright because I like the way it hurts ,just gonna stand there and hear me cry:'(
Farhan: I love the way you lie. F**k you .!.
Molly : I hate you :”(
Farhan: I love it when you f**king hate me .
You say you hate me, I just love you more
But Love is Evol . Spell it backwards I will show you  3:-)
Molly : why you are hurting me ? I said im sorry I wont do that again 😥
Farhan: what goes around, comes back around. May be this what  happens ,when a tornado meets a volcano .
Molly:cant you hear sincerity in my voice when I talk ?
look me in the eye-ball :”(

Farhan:  when I look at you I can see an angel in your eyes,
But if I look deeper inside I see your freakish little side.
Like a devil in disguise .
Molly: you are the air I breathe , you are my life, i would die for you.
Farhan: life is a bitch aint it tip. and if I you were bleach and I was hair , I would die for you .
Molly : I’m leaving you
Farhan : run out of this room and I will follow you like a lost puppy,baby without you im nothing.
Molly :  im not listening to you ( opens the door ) .
Farhan :  ( grabs her by the hand ) .
Molly: what are you ?
Farhan : Ima superman with the wind at his back !
Molly : I don’t wanna see you ever again .
Farhan : My Darling, I don’t ever want you to leave me
My Darling, you and me were meant to be together
My Darling, and if I cannot have you, No one can.
Molly: just go away from me 😥
Farhan: Drop to my knees and I’m pleading’, I’m trying’ to stop you from leaving.You won’t even listen so f**k it, Now I’m trying’ to stop you from breathing’.I put both hands on your throat, I sit on top of you, squeezing’
Til’ I snap your neck like a Popsicle stick.
Molly:stop it :”( , please donot kill me .
Farhan: didnot i tell you, donot play games with me , it will be dangerous .
Molly: Hheeeeeeeeeeeeeellllpp Meeee (Screaming)
Farhan:You get no love bitch .
Molly : I love you . (dies while closing her eyes ).

Farhan : bleed bitch bleed .
Now go to sleep bitch!
Die, motherf**ker, die! Ugh, time’s up, bitch, close ya eyes

Farhan : buahahahaha No body is safe from me , no not even me 3:-)
( Pointing the gun at his head and pulling the trigger ).
Bang !bang ! ( Sound of firing ) .