I couldn’t give it a Title

Educational institutes are opening across Pakistan including Schools , Colleges and Universities from tomorrow (i.e 12th January 2015), Including the Army Public School Peshawar where the terrifying incident happened on 16th December. Tomorrow most of the kid will be eager to go school and see their buddies after so long, Moms will be ironing their uniform for tomorrow. Dad will wait for their kids to pick up after school.
Will it be same for Army Public School Peshawar ? Many of students will go there and will not see their best friends whom they saw getting killed brutally in front of their eyes. Many students will miss their favorite teachers. Many Teachers will be missing their kids while teaching to the whole class. Many Moms will see other Moms in the neighborhood kissing their kids before they leave for school, and they will have no one to kiss. Many Moms will go to their kids room to wake them for the school but they will just shed tears when they will find the empty beds. Many kids in school will miss their elder brothers who used to look after them.Many Teachers will miss their favorite students who used to answer every question in the class. How many teachers will be there in the class with the attendance sheet of the dead students. Every one remembers their 1st day at school, but what about the little girl who shot dead on her 1st day of school ? What about the Teacher who protected her class instead of her own kids in the other class, and as a result she lost them without saying a Goodbye. Tomorrow she must be going to teach there but her kids will not be with her, How must she feel ?

I have my final exams resuming from tomorrow which were postponed due to 16th December and I’m  here writing and crying thinking of those kids who were slaughtered barbarically. My city never used to be like this,and I remember going to same school to pick my elder bro with my Dad.and I have been there for my Engineering entry test twice. It used to be green everywhere before it turned into red.
May Allah give patience to every Mom, every Son, every Dad, every Brother, every Sister,every Husband, every Teacher, every Wife and to every Friend, who lost their loved ones 😦
” To him we belong to him we shall return ” .



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