Lost In the Echo

Linkin Park Biatch !

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Togther Again

Nalaik Panda is excited and happy to share the news that I am moving out to Islamabad with my best friend Spoiled Wali. We both tried to move out to Islamabad for University back in 2010 when we applied for IST and rest is history.

We define the true meaning of Hanging Out together near Faisal masjid.
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and On our way back home we lost our all Important Documents at Faisal masjid and some guard may Allah Bless him, found our documents and called us to collect it ,else we where headed towards peshawar with out them. The Documents were our real Degrees, certificaitons, and ID Cards. and now we both are together again for not just one day but for Jobs. So you can imagine what happens when a tornado meets a volcano. 418148_397054373639709_1710349852_n.jpg

Wedding Slide Show

Love is in the air and its wedding season. and I want to drop the bomb of my animation skills. Yes, Nalaik Panda is the master of all Jacks.If you are getting married or you have some wedding memories, turn your memories into an awesome loving slideshow 😉
here is the video

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Happy Eid Mubarak

I have been super busy Learning Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects.this is one of the reason I have been far away from Blogging. Well now that i can create my own Posters so lemme wish you all Happy Eid Mubarak.


16th December the day hell was Raised

We always wanted our University Fast to be off during public holidays but fast always remained open.we knew the day it will be closed it will be hell of a day. So it happened a hell was raised on 16th December .
Me and my friends were Studying for next day exam and Mom came to told us 4 kids are dead in Army Public School , and it was 12pm me and my friend thought ok it will be under control now. and we kept studying. By 1.30 pm when we took brake for prayers and i went to my mom she was crying. i asked what happened and she said 100 plus kids are dead. Oh God 100? i couldn’t believe my self what just happened. So we went for prayers and when we came back we just could’not study anymore. When it was 3pm i heard now the situation is under control when 150 are slain brutally. #ThankyouRaheelShareef . All the peshawar was Closed. Those kids who returned from their schools mom are hugging them kissing them and thanking God for the safety of their kids. That day i saw every mother losing their mind and crying. Some one were crying because they lost their kids, others were crying because they lost their minds.
A brave kid survived from brutal Terrorists by playing Dead and taking a bullet but not screaming in pain because if he does they will shoot it in his head. So he lived by playing dead. How much strength a lil kid will have to take a bullet and not screaming,not even blinking because he knows if he blinks he would be dead in a blink of an eye.
Weak are human being, all night every one was just saying to him/her self that this thing didn’t happen. Let me undo it. let me rewind it. let me fix it. but we can’t . we don’t have any power. we are so useless but to God we are so valuable that he created Angels and jinns but called us weak ones the best of creations. and the best in us was shown on that day. at 4 pm all Peshawar Roads were jammed. because every one came out of their homes to give bloods to the victims. the hospitals were filled and their blood banks were fulled with in a hour. and they requested people to go back they have taken more than enough blood it is not required any more. but people were crying and saying please take it we want to help (Knowing how helpless we are we wanted to help. this makes us the best creation.)
Since i don’t believe in burning candles in memory of the victims or doing  a rally. So i wrote this post not forgetting what little kids went through that day.