Confusion of a Nalaik Panda :S

Love Vs Studies 

Adolf Hitlor said “Do war but don’t do love ,because in War either you die or ya stay alive but in Love neither you die nor you stay alive “

And my Laziness says to me  ” if you remove  stu-  From Studying then it becomes dying , so studying is like dying but not getting death ” 

So my confusion is , which one is worst ?
Studies or love ? :S
Grrrrrrrrr, it’s so complicated :/


A dreamer in the dream

After spending all day reading Allama Iqbal’s poetry , quotations now im feeling tired.I think i should roll towards my im in my bed, looking at the Allama Iqbal’s photo hanging on the wall. I don’t know whats wrong with this picture today,it is looking weird than usual.Allama Iqbal looking upset in this pic.i dont know why he is looking sad ? even today it is his birthday(9th november) , he should be looking happier (me talking to my self). Allama Iqbal: hey kid !
Me: who is it ? (looking down my bed)
Allama Iqbal: not there kid, here !
Me: wohoooooooooo! damn,how u did this ?
Allama Iqbal : what ?
Me: yo! is it your ghost ?
Allama Iqbal:  (no Answer )
Me: hey is it some kind of new animation ? is it some new kind of steve job’s creation? naah, he is dead ,it is something else.who are you ? Allama Iqbal: it is me,Mohammad Iqbal.
Me: waooo man, wait there Sir, I shall show it to my mom and family . Allama Iqbal: No way !
Me:  ok, by the way ,why so serious ? lets put a Smile on your face 😛

Allama Iqbal:  i have no reason to smile.
Me: but why Sir ?
Allama Iqbal : because this is not the Pakistan,what I dream t of ,what happend to the Falcons(youth/shaheen)  of this nation ? they even forgot how to fly ?
Me: Sir calm down,take a deep breath,may I bring you water to drink ? Allama Iqbal : ( Inhales) this nation is lost,they have forgotten, how their ancestors sacrificed their lives , so this generation can live with freedom.but still I am not hopeless.
Me:but how come you  have some hope remaining ? Allama Iqbal: because a Believer never losses his hope,even in the darkness, a believer hopes for the light. God is not a dead equation.
Me : tell me more about believer !
Allama Iqbal : I tell you the sign of a believer,when death comes,there is a smile on his face .
Me :  who is unbeliever ?and tell me something about death?
Allama Iqbal : Unbeliever is he who follows predestination if he be Muslim,Faithful is he, if he is the divine destiny. Death does not exist,it is a life that is a predominant reality ,not death.
Me: Sir why Islam is suffering these days ?
Allama Iqbal : no its  lost muslims ,who are suffering,Islam cannot suffer,Islam is itself a destiny and will not suffer destiny.
Me : Sir you were the mentor for this nation, this nation really miss you and needs you, please come back.
Allama Iqbal : my time is over, and I was not a mentor for this nation, the mentor for this nation is Quran and Sunnah , if all the muslims stick to it, they will never go astray even in the dark times.
Me : (nodding my head, in yes ) .
Allama Iqbal : Become dust and they will be thrown in the air, become stone and the will throw thee on glass.
Me: waoo, your words have power.
Allama Iqbal : words without power is mere philosophy and vision with out power does  bring moral elevation but cannot give a lasting culture . Me : So what this nation should start doing ?
Allama Iqbal : why should I ask the wise men:where is my beginning ? i am busy with the thought ,where will be my end ?
Me : well said sir.(nodding my head in yes).
Sir you were right , when you said ” a nation are born  in the hearts of the poets ,they prosper and dies in the hands of the politicians”.
Allama Iqbal: Art if the object of poetry is,to make men,then the poetry is the heir of prophecy.
Me: Sir,what thought made you a dreamer of this nation ?
Allama Iqbal : the thought ,why hast thou made me born in this country,the inhabitant of which is satisfied with being a slave ?
Me: Sir how shall I live my life ?
Allama Iqbal : “Arise, and soar with the sun’s new-born rays, To breathe new life into dying nights and days.”

Me : what do you think about faith ?
Allama Iqbal : if faith is lost ,there is no security,there is no life for him,who doesn’t adhere to religion .
Me : Sir , i have heard ,when you felt pity for the muslims, you used to shed tears?
Allama Iqbal:Lo, like a candle wrestling with the night… O’er my own self I pour my flooding tears… I spent my self, that there might be more light… More loveliness, more joy.
Me : Sir,how shall we awake this lost nation ?
Allama Iqbal: let this nation sleep,it is possible that while sleeping ,they may dream dreams of freedom and arouse.

open my eyes.
what was that ? omg ! i was dreaming.i think i should go and get fresh. Mommy! prepare my breakfast i am comming.(me screaming while,looking at the calender),damn its 9 November.
Me:(looks at Allama Iqbal photo) wao , it is smiling now 🙂
The End .
happy 9th November to Pakistan, May ALLAH grant
Allama Iqbal’s soul a lofty status in heavens .
Ameen ya Rabbil Alameen.