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Nalaik Celebrates 4th Anniversary by writing anime

So Here im with my 4th years Anniversary of Blogging. I Started this Blog 4 years ago before enrolling my self to University. and Now The Nalaik Panda has finished the Quest  of studying the Engineering program. But its still not over, In order to be a Successful Nalaik Panda i must Find a Job. For which i Have been practicing alot. Watching lots of Japaneses Anime that are Good for my brain but not for you. So far i have Watched “Code Geas ” and “Death Note “. So i thought why don’t i make a lil cute Anime story . You people can share it with your kids as a beautiful bed time stories, I swear they will never ever ask you again for the story and Sleep on their own.

Love is a Virus

the freaky Smiling anime i didn’t draw i just took it from google, so the onwer of this Anime you are welcome.  i wanted to draw something real scary its ain’t me. Need to Learn Digital Art. Don’t know how.

Bullet for my Valentine

(its my 2nd crazy violence story after “Love is evol” )
Rebecca:a young beautiful lady
Sicko:just as the name,a crazy Psycho and buff Person.
Tammy:Friend of Sicko,love hanging out and a good person.
Victoria:friend of Rebecca

Rebecca calls to her friend Victoria 9am in the morning and talks about her night plans.
Rebecca:Hi Victoria! how are you ? what is your  plan for tonight ? im so excited.i will be making love with my valentine tonight,i don’t know what shall i buy for him ?
Victoria: waoooo! that’s so great, have fun :),um buy him a perfume,or a wrist watch will be a great gift.
Rebecca: hey nice idea 🙂
Victoria: 🙂 hey best of luck and Got to go ,bye 🙂
Rebecca: thanx buddy 🙂  take care and bye 🙂

Rebecca after ending the call,goes to take a shower and gets ready for the shopping.

Sicko meets tammy while in a hurry. and they both talk while walking.
Tammy:hey dude! where are you going in a rush ?
Sicko:just going to buy something ,nothing special.
Tammy:hey tonight you are also going with Rebecca don’t you ? so what are you buying for your Valentine  ?
Sicko:Bullet for my Valentine .
Tammy:you are always crazy :/
Sicko:hey do you mind telling me,from where i can buy some  roses ?
Tammy:sure ,go to Mall Road ,there is a stall of flowers in the the way why you need roses for ?
Sicko:have you ever heard of Guns and Roses ?

Sicko goes to the stall to buy some roses and Says goodbye to his friend Tammy.
At night 11pm Rebecca and sicko both meets at the restaurant for dinner.

Rebecca:hi Darling ! where you been ? i was waiting for you.
Sicko:in hell,sorry im late .hey lets order something to eat and wao you are looking pretty,seems like a girl in Shroud.
Rebecca:you are always crazy.
Sicko:no way,im not crazy .im Insane
after eating the dinner they both went outside for a walk.
Rebecca:hey i have a gift for you .
Sicko:wao ! a nice wrist watch 🙂
Rebecca:so what time is on it ? ( with a smile on her face )
Sicko:time to die
Rebecca: what ?(with a scared and confusion  on her face  )
Sicko:nothing,hey look what I got for you !
Rebecca: Omg a Black and Red rose for me 🙂 and hey whats in the other hand you are hiding ? ( with so much happiness and waiting for the big surprise)
Sicko:No need to hide it from you anymore, its my baby (points the gun at Rebecca head)
It was nice hanging out with you,hope you enjoyed your last Valentine.

Rebecca:(stunned and scared can’t do anything )
Sicko: Bye Bye Black Bird !
Bang bang bang ! ( Pulls the trigger and bullet passes through her head,she dies at the spot) .

Sicko:sorry Rebecca ! you were a nice girl, i think i will meet you very soon in hell.
With a Tear and a smile on his face ,yet not a tear of joy,Sicko looks at the moon and pulls out his diary to mark another murder.
Sicko:12 Years ,12 Kills, just two more to go and after completing my 14th i will see my Love Avril,I will do anything to get you ,its my promise. ( Avril is  a she-wolf,and will appear on the !4th night of February when the moon will be Red. )

thanks for reading it out 🙂 and please don’t wish me valentine and neither celebrate it because i don’t have that much bullets to kill all of you .
A message by Sicko 3:-)