Togther Again

Nalaik Panda is excited and happy to share the news that I am moving out to Islamabad with my best friend Spoiled Wali. We both tried to move out to Islamabad for University back in 2010 when we applied for IST and rest is history.

We define the true meaning of Hanging Out together near Faisal masjid.
taimur and farhan.jpg

and On our way back home we lost our all Important Documents at Faisal masjid and some guard may Allah Bless him, found our documents and called us to collect it ,else we where headed towards peshawar with out them. The Documents were our real Degrees, certificaitons, and ID Cards. and now we both are together again for not just one day but for Jobs. So you can imagine what happens when a tornado meets a volcano. 418148_397054373639709_1710349852_n.jpg


My Memories Haunt me

The word for Humans in Arabic is ” Insan” which means two things, one is the ones who feel Love, unlike animals they don’t have love,like a mother snake would eat its egg inorder to survive, but a Human mother won’t do that. So humans have love, humanity is defined by Love. and the Other meaning of word ” insan ” is forgetful. Yes we Humans are forgetful . But Me operates bit Differently, i have a Strong Memory, like real real Strong memories. and the key to have a strong memory is living in the Moments. I live in the moment and connect that moment with the time and date and remember each and everything exactly. if a certain moment is not worth for me i won’t remember it and that is defined by the moments spend with Loved one. if Some one is Loved one to me and i have a happy or sad moment with them i will live in that moment and connect it with my memory and it will linger on my mind for ever.
Now this is my Special power and it can be a Curse some times. actually most of the times.  Actually ,Humans are not Loving any more, they are mean. they just come and go in my life. i get attached to them. and then they leave just like that. and then the worst part happens. Me trying so hard to forget them. like praying to Allah , ya Allah erase those memories from my mind. unlike computer where you just delete a file and recycle it and its gone for ever. but here its different. People just go out of my life but their memories don’t and they just make my nostalgic life gloomy. Yes i do believe that everything in life has a Purpose, people come and go to give us a lesson. and i never learnt my lesson. and even having a Strong Memory , I remember everything but keep on forgetting the one who gave me this ability to remember things. So this part makes me “Insan”. Who remember everything but forgets one that he is the only ONE not to be Remembered .

Last Lecture

Finally today a day came when i had to take my last Lecture of My 4 years Engineering Degree. with this Nalaik Panda is just few days away to become an Official Engineer. I learnt a lot in those 4 years, meet very few good teachers, made some good friends, was able to see life in a new way. Engineering changed my life in those 4 years.
So Allhamdulillah that i made it this far, and now i pray what ever comes next in life, may Allah make me do his praise and gratitude in best possible way. I repent to Allah for the sins i committed , so he may Grant me knowledge for that. Being Nalaik i learnt that Knowledge doesn’t comes from Studying and becoming a nerd, it comes from Repenting to Allah . Nerds wont get it any way.

A Brother in Humanity


This one goes out to my Elder brother in Humanity, my Friend  Terry McGeehe (always difficult for me to spell the last name ) who i met through fb 3-5 years ago i don’t recall it properly.Writing this post made me realize he is way elder than me,and i never cared about the age difference between us,so i might have disrespected him at many occasions. I think he is like 100 years elder than me, just kidding, he might be in his 40’s or 50’s , he works out , most of the times he goes to beach in a topless state that is why I’m considering to make him my wing man ,just joking. He loves his Oggie and for that you can call him a kid because kids in pakistan watch Oggie cartoon all the time. Recently he was absent from facebook for a month and every one missed his absence. I think his Dad passed away, May he rest in Peace.

Brother Terry have been very nice to me, despite the fact he is elder than me, may be of my Dad age,he has shared twice on Facebook my Display pic saying the words ” i love Farhan Ali my friend from Pakistan” and i must say it is his humbleness to say such kind words for me. or is it alarming for me that he is a single person ? and may be he his gay ? I shouldn’t be worried about because he is far away from where i live, He is in America and im In Pakistan, so i can say to back to him ” I love you too ” keeping a safe distance 😀 . Just to share few amazing things ,he is a christian and im a muslim, We had like hours of arguments fighting over each others faith , but we have few things in common, never dissing any prophet ,love or the greatest prophet Jesus Pbuh, and there came a point where I saw Terry admitting Mohammad Pbuh is a Prophet, that was a moment of elation for me.

I was influenced a lot by american culture ,now its time for an American to be acquaintance with Desi Culture. If I ever happen to meet Terry I want to gift him few of the Paktoon things, I want him to have a Chitrali Cap, a Waskat ( Waist Coat) and a some kool sneakers known as “peshawari Chappal” . and I also want him to have some “Chappali Kabab” since he is only known to american hot dog. Oh not to forget
“Kehwa ” the drink used in place of coffee.

Chitrali Cap

Waist Coat

Peshawari ChappalChappali kebab

Thank you dear brother for making my day , may God who created the humanity guide us, and make us do those things which pleases him and make us avoid doing those things which comes in disobedience.
Ameen !

P.S  Bro if you do not mind changing your Facebook Cover, its kind of very pg for a Muslim P .

When a life gives you lemon in winter

Well things have changed this time.This time it’s totally a new situation.Winter has already started.its raining daily and at night its cold here. But one thing has not changed for sure, Yeah! life,it is still treating me with lemons.
It all started on Saturday,When I submitted money for the university trip.The next day we had to reach campus at 6:00 am .Some how I managed to reach there on exact time but the members who managed the trip were not there. They reached university at 7:30am.And finally our journey started almost at 8:00am. I though that the lightning never struck the same place twice,but I was wrong,The seniors called us on the front seats and did our raging .When I reached Ayubia I felt amazing,Ayubia is the only place where you can see flying squirrels .

On pipeline track  I Had time of my life ,with my friends .One of my friend tried to make me a call but “my cell keep giving me hell ” and I couldn’t answer any of the call all the way.

When i reached home at 2am after having a lot of fun with friends, I had feelings that tomorrow I had to suffer the consequences of staying awake for so long. So I wasn’t able to  attend university on Monday as I got fever and sore throat.

On Tuesday when I reached university at 9am , I came to know that i had to submit English assignment which was”to write a report ” till 10am,plus had to do Calculus assignment and also had to prepare for the calculus quiz.
when i heard this i felt like the forests of lemon trees had fallen on me, and i could not  even make lemonade of  it and drink it, due to sore throat, flu and fever and plus its winter.