The Rise of the Bakras

We all have seen the Blockbusters such as the Rise of the planet of the apes, the Zombie apocalypse or some aliens taking over the earth and in the near future, we will be seeing the Computers taking over the planet earth with the advancement of the AI and such themes have become too Mainstream in the Hollywood. This Eid I am giving you something Special, something New, Something that should have heard long ago but it never existed, yes I am giving you for the 1st time in the history of the Mankind “the Rise of the Goats”.

Note for the Non-Urdu Readers: Bakra is Goat in Urdu.
Rise of the Planets of the Goats
It all started with the famous Phrase of our Desi moms ” Beta Badam Khao, Badam Khane se Aqal Teez hoti ha ” even though we all know ” Aqal Badam khane se ni balke dhoka Khane se ati ha “. So somewhere there was a stupid kid, who adored his bakra (Goat), and the almonds he was eating which are meant only for the humans, he shared them with his adored Goat as well. and with the 1st byte of the Almond, there was a spark created inside the brain of the Goat and it became unconscious for a lil while. and when it came back to its senses it wasn’t the same. It started to understand the kid’s language. the Kid got relieved to see the Goat came back to its senses and it said “Thanks God” and the Bakra understood what the kid meant. Now the Kid has gone back to his Room. Not far away from the Yard, there was a Public Library and the Goat with the brains wanted to read the Human Books. so he escaped the backyard of the Home and went to the Public Library totally Undetected, why he was able to go to Public Library Undetected? Dah! because no one goes to Libraries anymore. The 1st thing the Brainy Bakra does in the Public Library is that it finds the Roman and Greek Philosophy and it lands on the Will Durant books on the Philosophy and Chews all the Philosophy of the Socrates, Aristotle, and Plato. Next, it chews on other Philosophers books such as Auguste Comte, Friedrich Nietzsche, Victor Frankel, Sigmon Freud and Voltaire. Then it goes to the Science Section and chews on the Stephan Hawking book ” the Brief History of time”. it also chews on some of the volumes of 50 shades of grey to have a balance between total Brillance and total Stupidity. and when the stomach of the Bakra gets filled it makes its way out of the library back to the yard where he was kept for the Sacrifice of the Eid.

With Great Power comes the Great Responsibility, remembers the Bakra from the original spiderman movie of Tobey Maguire it watched on the Kids Mobile just a day before getting his super Brain. Since the Bakra has chewed on the Voltaire philosophy, it knows what right its Kind is missing. The Right to Freedom. But before it departs, it must say the truth to the Kid who accidentally gave him the superpowers. and there the Kid comes and the Goat starts addressing the kid.

Bakra:”Baa ! Hey Kido, I am the Bakra you bought for the Slaughter this eid, you don’t need to lie to me that you gonna play peek a boo with me. before I depart, I must tell you the truth,Baa ! Your Kind, I mean the Homo sapiens, Baa! they are the worst I have seen. ”

The kid 1st startles to see the talking bakra, the kid remembers a talking donkey from the Shrek movie but it was just a movie, not a reality but now its a talking Bakra in front of the kid. So the Kid gathers some strength and says

Kid: What Do you mean by that?
Bakra: Baa ! You homo sapiens actually became the Bakra Ball Fondlers when the time of the Eidul Adha comes, Baa ! You guys come and play with our nuts, and when it starts to get fun, you guys leave us unattended. its the worst crime I have witnessed against Goats race committed only by the humans. and after doing such a hideous crime you compare your kind with ours, I get comparisons with Messi and Rolando all the time. Tell you what, none of them can chew grass so stop comparing them to us.
Kid: I am only 13, I only watch Pogo, So I don’t know what you mean by that. but yes okay, from now on I won’t say Messi or Ronaldo is a G.O.A.T.
Bakra: and the worst is that your Kind is the most Racist one I have ever seen. Baa! It’s the 21st Century and Your so proclaimed Feminist kind will speak publically about the Equal rights everywhere, Baa ! but when it comes to slaughtering animals on the Eid, its always gets to be a male Gender. Baa !You are such a Hypocrite kind.
Kid: waoww, Our feminists never thought about that.
Goat: now its time to think about it, don’t just limit the gender rights to Wahmen, we also have gender rights in our race. BTW, Baa ! I am getting late, I just wanted to say Goodbye, I have lot of things to do, I have to free my kind from being slaughtered on this Eid.

And with that the Bakra said Good riddance to the kid and went on this quest to the “Rise of the Goats”. Stay Tuned till next eid to find out how the Bakras Rule the world.

Lessons: Love Your Bakra but Never ever share an almond with the Bakra.
Don’t have a Public Library in the Neighbour, just in case if the Bakras ever have the powers of reading and understanding the Humans Library they will be the 1st one even before the apes and Zombies to rise to the powers.
last but not the least, The Feminists of 21st centuary should have some principles, Bakra is a Male, talking about equal rights try slaughtering a female goat.


Happy Eid Mubarak

I have been super busy Learning Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects.this is one of the reason I have been far away from Blogging. Well now that i can create my own Posters so lemme wish you all Happy Eid Mubarak.


Eid-ul-Adha the Eid of Sacrifice

Eid Mubarak,Happy Eid,Bakra Eid

In Some part of the world today is 10th of Zil hajj (12th Month in Islamic Calender) and in some parts it will be tomorrow. And the 10th Zil haj is the Eid day for the Muslims,where they Sacrifice  Goat/sheep/Camel/bull .The Best thing about sacrificing an Animal is not just filling your fridges with meat,but its sharing love with friends and family.Sacrificing  animal and then dividing it in 3 portions,one for your own self,and one for family/friends and the other portion for poor and needy people.We all eat meet all around the year but giving it to the poor is the main purpose of the Eid.
Eid-ul-Azha is not just about sacrificing an Animal and then doing BBQ,wearing New cloths .It is more than that.Prophet Ibrahim (Pbuh) used to sacrifice animals every year but there was something else in the meaning of “Sacrifice” that made him determined to sacrifice the most beloved thing in seeking the pleasure of Allah.
Sacrifice was the test that Prophet Ibrahim (Pbuh) went through and he passed it. Every year we celebrate Eid but Have we ever thought about sacrificing ? what are we sacrificing this year on Eid other than the animal? Lets just sacrifice one bad habit this Eid. Sacrifice bad tongue this Eid for the pleasure of Creator,Sacrifice making lies,backbiting,Smoking,Adultery and So on. Lets Just Start it tomorrow by Sacrificing our sleep and getting up for Fajr ,how Wonderful it will be that starting a Day of Sacrifice with the Sacrifice .

Eid Mubarak,Happy Eid,Bakra Eid

Eid Mubarak,Happy Eid,Bakra Eid

Those who did Haj this year May Allah accept it and those who couldn’t may Allah give them opportunity to do next year or once in a life.If you are not celebrating Eid today then enjoy the companies of your Bakra(goat) and if he is a suborn ,wait for it to be sacrificed and then enjoy its Booti(meet) .Remember ill ones,Sick ones,Poors, And all the Humanity in your Eid Namaz Supplications.
Eid Mubarak to all the Muslim world .