The Invincsible Samurai


Once a there Female Samurai Fuu, her beauty was as sharp as her sword, She was fast like a lightning thunder and she was known for running on the water. She was the Master of her very own Dojo, and her disciples were countless. Fuu never lost a battle and the one who loses to her not only loses the battle but his own life. the amount of samurai lost their lives to her in the battle were tantamount to the stars in the sky. Fuu was vulnerable to nothing and maybe because she never had any human feelings. it may be because she was born an orphan.



One day she sees a drunkard Hobo teenager outside her dojo begging for food. For some unknown reasons she took him in and gave him the food, it was maybe because he reminded him of her lonely childhood. The teenager Jin asked her to be her apprentice so he can take his revenge. the Fuu told him that to do so he has to defeat her strongest disciple which means killing Moogan in a battle. the legend says about moogan that once he lost his sword in a battle so he killed the enemy with his teeth. So the Jin accepted the offer and started practicing the art of samurai and In no time a Punk. He started defeating the disciples of Fuu until he reached the day he fought Moogan.

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He entered the Dojo to fight against Moogan with no sword and people couldn’t believe when they saw the strongest of all Moogan’s heart was ripped out of his chest by the bare hands of Jin. Fuu was impressed and liked the fighting style of her new Apprentice.and she started teaching Jin the skill of fighting in the blindfold. She sensed something unique about the Jin that her no other disciple ever had before and for that, she started to Love her. for the 1st time in her Life, she developed some kind of human feelings for some one. But little did she know Jin was a punk. One day Jin Challenged Fuu for the battle, which means one of them had to die. Fuu was afraid of something for the 1st time in her life, not afraid of the death that afraid of losing someone she Loved.


So the battle of death began and the two greatest samurais of their time fight for all night and when the dawn appeared the Fuu was badly injured but Jin barely had any bruises. when Fuu Fell apart, she asked him why he chose to fight her when she loved him and the Jin said “Once I had a Lover and she told me that she will Love me for as long as she lives but within a year she was over me  and I was nothing to her, So I decided that the moment when someone starts Loving me again, I will kill them instantly so that I have them dying Loving me, There was nothing Personal Fuu, I only Killed You because You Loved me ! “.  and with that said Jin wrapped the long silky hairs of Fuu around her neck and honored her with the most unique death that no human ever embraced.

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After that, he again Sat out his sword from the scabbard, commenced to perform the noblest act in the tradition of Samurai. the seppuku (honor suicide) and as he hit the blade in his stomach, and he said ” and I also wanted to die Loving someone, I love You Fuu !” and the blood stopped flowing from his body, there was this eternal bliss on his face, maybe he reached the nirvana. and He became famous as the Samurai who was Invisible.

(P.S I just made that all up and used the character names from Samurai Champloo and used their character real images, I wish if I could make it crazier but my writings power are not as crazy as my mind.)


Wedding Slide Show

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God Creation Vs Men Creation

Mankind has this insanity to follow the perfection and now matter how hard we try to achieve that perfection there is always a Room for Perfection. And this is not just limited to one field you will see the same examples every where. Talk about Fashion, Hair styles and Shoes , their trends keeps on changing, every once in a month some one tries to see a flaw in present one and brings up the new one, and after decades they will bring up the old fashion with few minor changes yet it will never be perfect. Body Building has been evolving since late 18th century yet it has never reached the perfection that is why there is Mr.Olympia Every year. Music is never perfect, that is why you see new trends in Music, eventually people get bored and try to bring up something new. 1st it was Classic, then Hippie, then it became hip hop, later it gave birth to Rock/Metal, then to Rap, then Punk was introduced and now its the era of Electro and Trance but then some thing new will take its place but your hearts won’t be satisfied with it.
Take video games for the same example. I remember playing them on Bricks game and Atari Game, later we switched to Nintendo , then we bought Sega, after some years we brought PC , in 9th grade i bought PS2, In University i bought Laptop by telling my Parents i want to study on it but actually i played games on it for 4 years since you all know me what Im. You see nothing was Perfect.
Now observe the Creation of God. He created the Heavens (Sky) and the earth in 6 days. He only says be and it is Done. You see the same sun in existence for  i don’t know how many years. Every thing in the universe it doesn’t need an upgrade. Imagine if the sun in the Solar System needed an upgrade for few days, or the Moon needed a restart or the software of the earth got crash or the whole software of the galaxy got hacked ? the same things has been existance since uncountable years and never needed any upgrade or needed a moment to pause ? and if there are certain loopholes seems to the human mind its our incapability to see the divine Wisdom in them. and if The Solar System will come to failure one day it will be only because God wanted it to and it has reached the certified time for which it was created. If God created a Sun like i Phone series and each year you will have to wait for the next better version of Sun but it will only be increased by One inch thats all, no much more enhancement in the light giving. and then only rich ones would get light outa it, Some would sell their kidneys or lose their virganity just to get a light for one year and then die next year.
And why we Humans try to reach the Perfection ? when animals don’t ? because Ali R.A said something Mystic, He (May Allah be pleased with him) said , Before coming to this world Our souls were with God, the Perfect one, and when we come into this world our souls make us cry for the separation from the Perfect one so that is Why Muslims are told to give “Call for the Prayer ” into the ears of a infant to remind him by the words ” Allah is the Greatest ” that you will still be able to communicate with him and will be returned back to him one day  🙂

3 days 3 Quotes Challenge ( Day 2)

Previously on day 1 i told why do we fast ? we fast to attain Taqwa . No question is why do we need to attain Taqwa (Conscious of Allah ) ?

“This is the Book about which there is no doubt, a guidance for those conscious of Allah” Quran(2:2).

So we need Taqwa to get Guidance from Allah through his book Quran.

Fasting= Taqwa.

Taqwa= Guidance.

If you fast you get taqwa, if you get taqwa you get “Guidance ” .

Last Lecture

Finally today a day came when i had to take my last Lecture of My 4 years Engineering Degree. with this Nalaik Panda is just few days away to become an Official Engineer. I learnt a lot in those 4 years, meet very few good teachers, made some good friends, was able to see life in a new way. Engineering changed my life in those 4 years.
So Allhamdulillah that i made it this far, and now i pray what ever comes next in life, may Allah make me do his praise and gratitude in best possible way. I repent to Allah for the sins i committed , so he may Grant me knowledge for that. Being Nalaik i learnt that Knowledge doesn’t comes from Studying and becoming a nerd, it comes from Repenting to Allah . Nerds wont get it any way.

Mercy of Allah S.W.T

 Our Asian mentality is that we put fear in our kids, in our brains there is only fear of getting Punishment. And Some Parents only give the concept of Fear from Allah to their children, and Sometimes they misuse it. Like beta Soh jao Allah ta’ala khafa ho jaen ge, Beta yea na kro, Beta school ni jao ge ge tu Allah Naraz ho jaen ge, phr Allah saza den ge. Etc.

and growing up to this the individual may go farther from his Deen, He can only think That Allah just wants to put him in hell, he just wants to punish him. Allah loves to punish us.
Like one Lady came to Nouman Ali khan and she said “Why Allah talks about Hell in such a Scary way in Quran, why does he even describe it. Does he love to Punish us ? ” Noman Ali khan says, isn’t it a mercy of Allah that he told us that there is also a Hellfire so that we can save ourselves from it, if None of knew there is a Hellfire probably all of us would end up in Jahanam, But Mercy of Allah that he warned us before we could enter into Jahanam.
Even this is the mercy of Allah that our Quran talks about Jahanam in detail and in a graphic way. Which no other scriptures talk about, The Jewish scripture they removed the concept of Jahanam from their txts and they live on the concept that even if they go to jahanam they will go temporary.
And the concept of Mercy of Allah in Islam is very broad. Very wide than all the other religions, In fact the God of Islam is most merciful and Forgiving than all other religions.
Yes we should fear Allah, It is a Good thing, like he describes in Quran Surah Al-Imran Surah no 3 verse no 102 “ Fear Allah as he should be feared and do not die except as a Muslim”
another place he describes

 [Hud said] “So fear Allah, keep your duty to Him, and obey me.”

Yes we should fear Allah, but he wants to us to acknowledge the fact that he is Merciful. This is the reason in Quran the 1st verse he says “ In the Name of Allah the most merciful and Beneficent.” In the 1st chapter, it says “Allah is Merciful and Forgiving “and then it says the “Owner of the day of the recompense.”Allah choses the Arabic language, and choses the word “Rahma ” To describe his Mercy, the word Rahma in Arabic means the Womb of mother, like Mercy of Mother is so great that When the baby is in her womb she takes care of him. And Allah describes his Mercy 70 times greater than the mercy of a Mother .
Even our purpose of Existence is the Justification of Mercy of Allah. Allah created us to Show that he is Merciful. He had Angels to worship him, Who never sins. He created the Jinkind who lived far before us on this earth. They Sinned and Never seek the repentance of Allah. So Allah Wiped them away. Allah made Adam and Mankind, with the nature to Sin. But he taughted the Adam how to seek repentence, and He Forgave him. So through us the name of Allah “ Ar-Rahim, Ar-Ghafoor ” were displayed.
Allah is so merciful that he made home for every mankind, from the birth of Adam to the last human on this earth, in Jannatul firdus the best of the heavens, near his throne beaneath it. Because he wants all of us to join him and join the pleasures of Jannah.

The central idea of all our Worships is to seek Allah forgiveness, Like Praying 5 times a day your sins will be wiped away like a person bathing 5 times in a river, Making ablution wipes away your sins, fast in the month of Ramzan in which we seek Allah forgiveness, Perform hajj and all your previous sins will be forgiven and you will become like a newly born baby etc.And there is a hadith that, Let no man think he can attain jannah on the basis of his deeds, the companions asked the prophet even you Prophet Pbuh ? Prophet Mohammad S.A.W said yes even me. Even I will go to Jannah on the basis of the mercy of Allah, not on the Basis of the Deeds.
In Quran when you read Jannah,Most of times near it you will be finding forgiveness, the mercy of Allah S.W.T
Prophet Mohammad Pbuh said, All sons of Adam are the Sinners, but best of them are those who repent. Which I usually say as “ All of us are sinners, but those are repent are the Winners”.
ibne khatir  is known for his tafseer of the Quran and he was a Muhadith as well. He shares the hadith in his tafseer, that once Adam A.S asked Allah, oh lord didn’t you made me from your own hands, Allah said Yes I did, He then asked, didn’t you breathe your soul into me ? Allah said yes, He said, then, didn’t you say May your mercy be upon me when I sneezed, Allah said yes, He said when you placed me in Jannah, didn’t you know im going to sin,going to disobey you and He said Yes. And he said and then will you forgive me and again place me into jannah ? Allah said yes.
When The slave of Allah sins,Allah S.W.T Commands his angels to not to write it down for 6 hours, in which if he seeks Forgiveness, it will be like he never commited that Sin. And even if he doesn’t repent in those 6 hours and repent later, Allah is All forgiving.

So turn back to your Allah, We still got time, the Doors of Touba are opened for us till our last breath. Allah is waiting for us to come back to him, repent to him.
And Never be despair of the Mercy of Allah.
the mercy of Allah is so huge that he says in a hadith “ My mercy prevails over my wrath” .