I still Haven’t found What I am Looking for

Each day I feel like I am not making the most of my life, I am not doing something for which I was designed, and I am missing on the most important aspect of my life. of all the given luxuries in my life, I feel like I am wasting them, My youth, My efforts, and my soul. Ever since I read Victor Frankl’s “Man Search for Meaning”, I am consistently In a quest for searching my meaning of life.
I personally Believe that the Lord who is the light of the Heavens and the Earth Molded us to serve him, and we can only serve him in the best way if we fulfill our purpose of life, and if we don’t there is no salvation for us. People that knew their Purpose of life, they lived the life at ease because their hearts were at peace knowing that in the Kingdom come they will be elevated for living their life with a purpose. For all I know is that I can’t stop my self from quoting the glorious verses (ayats) from the Quran that has touched my Life.

“Indeed, in the creation of the heavens and the earth and the alternation of the night and the day are signs for those of understanding. Who remember Allah while standing or sitting or [lying] on their sides and give thought to the creation of the heavens and the earth, [saying], “Our Lord, You did not create this aimlessly; exalted are You [above such a thing]; then protect us from the punishment of the Fire.” (Surah Al-Imran 190-191)  

These Ayats also moved Prophet Mohammad Pbuh in awe of its nature, When these were revealed at Mohammad Pbuh he was lost in the glory of these ayats and he, after the ayats were revealed, had to offer prayers to the God as a sign of Gratitude for revealing the words of eternal wisdom on to him. So coming back to where I was, these ayats have two keywords of my interest, One is salvation and the other is the Purpose. Only through fulfilling our purpose we can achieve our Salvation.

Each one of us is created to serve a special Purpose Because God doesn’t create anything aimlessly. Each one of us in unique and Special in two ways, One the God created him and molded him in his image and the second one is God has created each one of us with a special Purpose. Some of my friends have found their meaning of life in Photography, Some in Graffiti and Murals, Some in Art and Painting, Some in football, Some in Love but as for me, I Still Haven’t Found What I am looking for.

I have climbed the highest mountains
I have run through the fields

I have run, I have crawled
I have scaled these city walls
These city walls

But I still haven’t found
What I’m looking for.
But I still haven’t found
What I’m looking for.

I have kissed honey lips
Felt the healing in her fingertips
It burned like fire
(I was) burning inside her.

I have spoke with the tongue of angels
I have held the hand of a devil
It was warm in the night
I was cold as a stone.

But I still haven’t found
What I’m looking for.
But I still haven’t found
What I’m looking for.

I believe in the Kingdom Come
Then all the colors will bleed into one
Bleed into one.
But yes, I’m still running.

But I still haven’t found
What I’m looking for.
But I still haven’t found
What I’m looking for.


BTW if you have found your Meaning of Life, please do share it with me, I will love to read about your Special purpose of life and maybe it gets me inspired to find me mine 🙂
(Note: The Lyrics I shared above are from the U2 Song, I still haven’t found What I am looking for, released in 1987)


Life is a Curse if you are a younger Sibling

God Loves us all because God is all loving, he is Al-Wadood and Life is the greatest Blessing only if you are the Eldest Sibling in the Family. God Loves us all and those whom he hates, He makes them the younger Siblings. Now many Elder Siblings will disagree with my statement here but I am about to share just 7 moments that will make you say ‘chup kr ja pagle ab kia rulaega ?”

1. Mama, PaPa, and Parenthood. 
How every new weds crave to have a baby of their own, to have someone to call them “Papa, Mama” with love.They will crave to have their Babies 1st words as “Papa or Mama” or will fight each other that no his 1st word will be Mama or no his 1st word will be papa but their 1st born baby 1st words will be instead “googagoo” and this word will not even make any sense but parents will go gaga on that. And when their second or younger kid learns to say Mama/Papa for the 1st time, it’s not a big deal because he/she is the 2nd one to call them that and their 1st one learned to call them that years ago.
As every new couple craves for the Baby, the 1st one clears their doubts that yes their genitals can produce offsprings and 2nd one doesn’t clear any doubts or gives them any satisfaction, in fact, the 2nd one and younger ones may be the consequence of the unavailability of contraceptive Products.



2. Kids 1st Birthday
So now the 2nd happiness after being called the Mama and pappa in the parent’s life is when their 1st kid turns One year. so they will throw out a Massive party for their 1st one, Will have every moment captured. The balloons, the birthday hats, and the Birthday candle. They will celebrate their 1st kid as they have won the Champions League Trophy. and When the 1st birthday of the Younger one will came guess what, He will have the old blown Candle from the Birthday of the 1st one, the one had the moist of the 1st kid all over it because the 1st one at that time didn’t know how to blow a candle so he/she all spat out on the candle and there was no Candlewick remained by the time it was blown away. and the same old Ballons from the birthday party of their 1st ones.



3. I don’t wanna ride your Bicycle
Ok This is an alteration of the Eminem song ” I wanna ride your bicycle” feat Skylar grey.  When a Kid gets Older the 1st thing he/she dreams about is having a Brand New Bicycle of their own and their dream is granted to them most probably at the age of 3-5. So When 2nd one is 3-5 years old and daydreaming about having a Bicycle of his own he is brought down back to earth when he is given the second-hand puncture cycle of his Sibling. To which even Skylar grey would sing ” I don’t wanna Ride your Bicycle”.


4. The 1st Day of School
All kids are silly, Yes they are, that is why they all dream about going to School or pick up fights at home with their parents to send them to school so they can make new friends. and after Admitting their 1st Born to School, the Parents too will be excited about two reasons, one to see their young one going to School for the 1st time in new Uniform with a School bag, Mom will be happy to have the lunch box prepared for her 1st born for the 1st time. and 2nd reason will be to have some room for sex little they know that room will create their 2nd ones.
and then there comes the 2nd one, Now grown up, Ready to go on his 1st day of School, Wakes up in the Morning and guess what ? he is dressed up in the old torn clothes of the 1st one in which the 1st one already peed and pooped on. The 2nd one is already feeling shitty after wearing the shitty clothes of his elder sibling but then he gets shit on his face when he is giving the 2nd hand Copies and books with the ugly doodles drawn over and torn pages by the 1st one.


5. The Happiness of Eid 
The most wanted and joyous thing in Life is “Eiddi”. I will say Money doesn’t make you happy but Eiddi does. If you want to count the blessings of your Lord I say Count the Eidi, the More Eiddi you have the more Blessed you are and the 1st Ones are the Most blessed by the Lord, in Desi and Asian Cultures logic the Eldest one not only deserves the Eiddi but also Deserves it the most as he/she is the Eldest and has more needs then the rest of the siblings so will get it the most from every one. But wait the funny thing is that 2nd one will be told you are young and still don’t know the counting so your Elder Sibling will be the incharge of your money and with that the 2nd one will get the Pat on the head.

6. The Happiness of having your own Ride
I bet you must have dreamt about going to College or your University on your own bike or car at the 1st day. This is what most kids are sold out to their parents that if you study hard and get into a decent college, I will gift you a nice ride. So Parents do buy their kids their 1st Ride. now the youngest one will see his elder sibling driving his own car and going to College, This will motivate him to study harder and get his ass into more decent college and finally when he gets the admission and the day arrives to Go to on his 1st day, A loud Voice is streamed in the Home ” Barey Baita do drop your Lil sibling to College on your way”.


7. Choti Eid Baad me Hoti ha
ohh This is the most favorite part, Despite being deprived of all the things the Younger one will end up getting into better College, getting better grades, getting a Better Degree and a Better job. So the most awaited part of the life has almost finally came. yes the Shadi ke laddo Moment. The Moment when the young one will finally say to his parents ” oh Amma ab tu meri job b lag gai ha, ab tu meri shadi karwa den” and he will be again brought back to reality with these words ” Abi tu tumhare Bare bhai ki Shadi ni hoi tumhara tu sab se akhir me number ha” and if you are the most youngest one then I say well you have to wait until your hair turns grey, because Pakistani Parents don’t just make two babies, they make a cricket team and in Cricket the 11th No bastman comes the last for batting and if the overs are up there is no batting at all.



and All this attitude towards the Younger siblings kinda makes sense, because the world works with one rule “ First Come First Serverd !“.

The Invincsible Samurai


Once a there Female Samurai Fuu, her beauty was as sharp as her sword, She was fast like a lightning thunder and she was known for running on the water. She was the Master of her very own Dojo, and her disciples were countless. Fuu never lost a battle and the one who loses to her not only loses the battle but his own life. the amount of samurai lost their lives to her in the battle were tantamount to the stars in the sky. Fuu was vulnerable to nothing and maybe because she never had any human feelings. it may be because she was born an orphan.



One day she sees a drunkard Hobo teenager outside her dojo begging for food. For some unknown reasons she took him in and gave him the food, it was maybe because he reminded him of her lonely childhood. The teenager Jin asked her to be her apprentice so he can take his revenge. the Fuu told him that to do so he has to defeat her strongest disciple which means killing Moogan in a battle. the legend says about moogan that once he lost his sword in a battle so he killed the enemy with his teeth. So the Jin accepted the offer and started practicing the art of samurai and In no time a Punk. He started defeating the disciples of Fuu until he reached the day he fought Moogan.

download (1)

He entered the Dojo to fight against Moogan with no sword and people couldn’t believe when they saw the strongest of all Moogan’s heart was ripped out of his chest by the bare hands of Jin. Fuu was impressed and liked the fighting style of her new Apprentice.and she started teaching Jin the skill of fighting in the blindfold. She sensed something unique about the Jin that her no other disciple ever had before and for that, she started to Love her. for the 1st time in her Life, she developed some kind of human feelings for some one. But little did she know Jin was a punk. One day Jin Challenged Fuu for the battle, which means one of them had to die. Fuu was afraid of something for the 1st time in her life, not afraid of the death that afraid of losing someone she Loved.


So the battle of death began and the two greatest samurais of their time fight for all night and when the dawn appeared the Fuu was badly injured but Jin barely had any bruises. when Fuu Fell apart, she asked him why he chose to fight her when she loved him and the Jin said “Once I had a Lover and she told me that she will Love me for as long as she lives but within a year she was over me  and I was nothing to her, So I decided that the moment when someone starts Loving me again, I will kill them instantly so that I have them dying Loving me, There was nothing Personal Fuu, I only Killed You because You Loved me ! “.  and with that said Jin wrapped the long silky hairs of Fuu around her neck and honored her with the most unique death that no human ever embraced.

ending 1.jpg
After that, he again Sat out his sword from the scabbard, commenced to perform the noblest act in the tradition of Samurai. the seppuku (honor suicide) and as he hit the blade in his stomach, and he said ” and I also wanted to die Loving someone, I love You Fuu !” and the blood stopped flowing from his body, there was this eternal bliss on his face, maybe he reached the nirvana. and He became famous as the Samurai who was Invisible.

(P.S I just made that all up and used the character names from Samurai Champloo and used their character real images, I wish if I could make it crazier but my writings power are not as crazy as my mind.)

Wedding Slide Show

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God Creation Vs Men Creation

Mankind has this insanity to follow the perfection and now matter how hard we try to achieve that perfection there is always a Room for Perfection. And this is not just limited to one field you will see the same examples every where. Talk about Fashion, Hair styles and Shoes , their trends keeps on changing, every once in a month some one tries to see a flaw in present one and brings up the new one, and after decades they will bring up the old fashion with few minor changes yet it will never be perfect. Body Building has been evolving since late 18th century yet it has never reached the perfection that is why there is Mr.Olympia Every year. Music is never perfect, that is why you see new trends in Music, eventually people get bored and try to bring up something new. 1st it was Classic, then Hippie, then it became hip hop, later it gave birth to Rock/Metal, then to Rap, then Punk was introduced and now its the era of Electro and Trance but then some thing new will take its place but your hearts won’t be satisfied with it.
Take video games for the same example. I remember playing them on Bricks game and Atari Game, later we switched to Nintendo , then we bought Sega, after some years we brought PC , in 9th grade i bought PS2, In University i bought Laptop by telling my Parents i want to study on it but actually i played games on it for 4 years since you all know me what Im. You see nothing was Perfect.
Now observe the Creation of God. He created the Heavens (Sky) and the earth in 6 days. He only says be and it is Done. You see the same sun in existence for  i don’t know how many years. Every thing in the universe it doesn’t need an upgrade. Imagine if the sun in the Solar System needed an upgrade for few days, or the Moon needed a restart or the software of the earth got crash or the whole software of the galaxy got hacked ? the same things has been existance since uncountable years and never needed any upgrade or needed a moment to pause ? and if there are certain loopholes seems to the human mind its our incapability to see the divine Wisdom in them. and if The Solar System will come to failure one day it will be only because God wanted it to and it has reached the certified time for which it was created. If God created a Sun like i Phone series and each year you will have to wait for the next better version of Sun but it will only be increased by One inch thats all, no much more enhancement in the light giving. and then only rich ones would get light outa it, Some would sell their kidneys or lose their virganity just to get a light for one year and then die next year.
And why we Humans try to reach the Perfection ? when animals don’t ? because Ali R.A said something Mystic, He (May Allah be pleased with him) said , Before coming to this world Our souls were with God, the Perfect one, and when we come into this world our souls make us cry for the separation from the Perfect one so that is Why Muslims are told to give “Call for the Prayer ” into the ears of a infant to remind him by the words ” Allah is the Greatest ” that you will still be able to communicate with him and will be returned back to him one day  🙂

3 days 3 Quotes Challenge ( Day 2)

Previously on day 1 i told why do we fast ? we fast to attain Taqwa . No question is why do we need to attain Taqwa (Conscious of Allah ) ?

“This is the Book about which there is no doubt, a guidance for those conscious of Allah” Quran(2:2).

So we need Taqwa to get Guidance from Allah through his book Quran.

Fasting= Taqwa.

Taqwa= Guidance.

If you fast you get taqwa, if you get taqwa you get “Guidance ” .