100 Books Challange

A Reader is like a traveling nomad, We keep traveling for the search of beautiful words and stories and writers are our traven, we halt when we reach a traven and get drunk on the Author writings, and after losing our soberness we start traveling for a new traven. A reader is a kind of a nomad that is free of a nationality, religion and culture, infact a reader and a writer are an anti-tribe; a tribeless tribe of their own, connected through words and dreams. and the books my friend, they also travel the world, far and wide… Stories need no visas, no passports, perpetual nomads are they as well. Stories transcend all sorts of imaginary boundaries and cultural ghettoes—national, religious, ethnic.

I have been planning to take a challenge of Reading 100 books in 2-3 years and then share the journey of my transformation after reading those books. it will be a kind of a Pilgrimage where I will lose my self and get a hold of my new transformed self. I don’t have my 100 books list decided yet and nor do I have any particulars writers in mind, I will just enjoy my journey along the way starting off from the Paulo Coelho novel the zahir, which i still haven’t bought yet. Down the line I will try to find some of the Hafez books (the Persion sufi Poet), Read some Rumi, Read some history and get drunkard of some of the fictions. So Please if you have your fav list of writers and books, please feel free to share and maybe if you pass along the extra copy of the book that you have read and not in the mood to ever re-read it again and found it worth the read you are welcome to share the book with me 😛 it will save the lazy reader like me save some time finding the book in the bookstore. and Also if you know some good bookstores in Islamabad/Pindi please do share with me. So by any means you be a part of my Pilgrimage and may be transforming me will transform you.

(And the Inner barney Stinson inside me says “Challange Accepted”.)


Who Am I ?


Following the Quest of Bulleh Shah, I tried to find the answer of Who am I ? and I find this for myself.
*I am just a shadow
that No one wants near them
I am just a dust on a bookshelf
That is cleaned away
I am just a broken toy
With whom nobody wants to play
So I am thrown away
I am just a scream
That goes unheard
I am just a word
That gets lost in the translation
I am just a tear
That is wiped away
I am just a memory
That is forgotten so easily
I am just a bruised on a beloved’s skin
That is covered right away
I am just a thorn on a rose
That no body wants to touch
I am just a wish
That you wish you never had wished.*

Yep that is So me.

Ap ko mujse q Muhabat ha ?

Episode 2.



Aj Subah uthey hi Bhooley ka dil kuch udas tha. usne fajr ki namaz qaza ki thi shayad isleye. Muh hath doh ker aur begair nashta kiye wo janwaron k sath apne roz mara ke kam per nikal para. wo kisi udasi me khud se ulja hua kuch sawal krne laga .
” me kia hun? aik mitti ka dair jo aik haqeer se khoon ke lothre se ban gya. Na muje koi Zuban ati ha dhang se. na me koi sainsdaan, na me koi shair, na me koi badshah, muje tu koi bhi ni janta is jahan me. yea janwar bhi na muje samjte han aur na me inko samaj sakta hun.  aur Jis jis k sath bhi dil lagaya usi ne mere dil ko dukhaya. sab ko yad krta hun laken muje koi yad ni rakhta. kisi ko mere hone ya na hone se koi farq ni parta. Ae Khuda muje ni pata tune muje q banaya, me ne tu tujse ni kaha tha ke muje bana. aur phr tune banaya bhi tu banaya muje ghaltiyon ka putla. laken banaya tune muje shoq se. han muje tu tujse mohabat ha laken wo muhabat tu isleye ha ke teri misal koi ni, tu sirf aik Wahid ha, Hamesha rahne wala ha, Kamil ha, har aik aib se pak ha, tere se tu har aik ko mohabat ho jae gi. laken muje ni samaj ata ke tune muje kis leye bana, jab tere pas kisi cheez ki kami ni, tere pas faraisthe han jo teri har hal me ibadat krne me lage rahte han. me tuje bhool jata hun, tere elawa har aik ko yad krta hun , tuje meri koi zaroorat nahi, laken phr bhi tu muje yad rakhta ha, aur mujse be inteha Muhabbat krta ha. muje ni samaj ati Ya Allah apko q itni Mohabbat ha mujse ? muje apni zindagi ka maqsad ni pata laken yea janta hun ke yea zindagani sirf teri Mohabbat ki waja se ha”

Aur phr tappakte howe ansoowon me  usne apni ulji hoi zindagi ka maqsad jan lia. Kabi Kabi Allah dukh bhi sakoon k leye deta ha. uski Ajeeb si Mohabbat ha.

Better Late than Never (Episode 1)

It was Dusk time, All the birds were returning to their nests in caravans. In the chirping of birds was a soothing scene. Bhoola was also returning with his livestock from a hill that he gazed at the returning birds and got lost in them.
These birds are just like us humans, they cant live in seclusion,How they are returning home in caravans. Every living thing looks for a partner.  Humans get petrified with out a support.In the search of that companionship he stumbles.I also have put all my life looking for a companion,yet so far i have found my self as a loner.Everyone seeks some one for a neccesity,every one is self-centered,lucky are those who find true mates.
Bhoola was a poverty stricken shepherd,grazing livestock for almost 2 years. His dad was a farmer and his mother was a housewife belonging to a religious family.The real name of bhoola was ” Abdul Kareem” , he was unaware of cunning acts of the world.He could barely memorize the names of his relatives,he could only recognize them from face.Because of which every one started calling him ” Bhoola/Naive” thinking of him as a dumb person. Bhoola memorized Quran from a Madrassa (School) at a very young age and after passing his college exams he started helping out his parents.
“Every one mocked at me,every one i trusted broke my trust,In friendship and Love a person cant live a moment without his beloved.Why in today wold those are called worthless who cant live without his partner ? its not friendship that you pull a face in the presence of your friend,and made fun of his longing for you.I wish if i have such a friend to whom i can talk to day and night.My friend stay awake with me all night.My beloved got all the time to listen to my silly things.and I do not stay a moment away.Nor my Beloved gets bother by my presence.My Beloved doesn’t lie,Doesn’t broke any promises. Doesn’t break my heart.When I’m thinking of my Dear,My Dear is thinking about me. My Friend lets it go over my mistakes and waits for me to be guided.Well such kind of friend only exists in thoughts,What a great joy it will be if i find such a companion.”

Bhoola was lost in his thoughts that a idea came to his mind while he was scratching his minute head, and he started talking again to himself. ” Wait ,wait ! … Every night before i go to sleep, i recite Aitul Kursi (2:255) ,
Allah – there is no deity except Him, the Ever-Living, the Sustainer of [all] existence. Neither drowsiness overtakes Him nor sleep. To Him belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth. Who is it that can intercede with Him except by His permission? He knows what is [presently] before them and what will be after them, and they encompass not a thing of His knowledge except for what He wills. His Kursi extends over the heavens and the earth, and their preservation tires Him not. And He is the Most High, the Most Great.
My Teacher told me in school, that when ever you Remember Allah,it is he who is Remembering you. Quran says that the promise of Allah is ever true.He kept his promise with so many Prophets and true slaves.One of the Names of Allah is “Sami-ullah” the one who Listens.Means that he also listens to my things… In Surah Al-Hadid he says ,I’m with you where ever you are. How can i be far away from him,when he is more near to me than my jugular vein. He has even control over time, how he invited his slave to the 7th of heavens in one night.Allah never gave me punishment at the spot,Instead he is Ever Forgiving and Loving.He loves them the most who repent to him.How silly was i, that i stumble here and there in search of a Dear,but the one i was looking for, Was my Master.”

Bhoola brought the livestock to his home while thinking stupidly,Suddenly he heard the Call for the prayers of Maghrib and his face started to twinkle with a smile.And he rushed towards the Masjid.

Better Late than Never .”

Subha ka bhoola (Episode 1)

Sham ka waqt tha. Sab Parindey Apne Gharoon ko wapis laut rahe they, Falak me aik qafle ki tarah apne ghonsolon ki taraf rawan they.Panchiyon ke shoor me bhi aik parsakoon sa manzar tha.Bhoola bhi apne mawaishon ko choti si pahari se le kr wapis laut raha tha ke uski nazarien parindon mein ghum ho gaien, aur wo sochon me koh sa gya.
“Yea Panchi bhi Insano ki tarah Tanha nahi rah saktey.Kaise aik Qafla bana kar aik rah me ghamzan hain sab,kaise gharon ko laut rahe han. Har aik jandar ko Sahara hi chahiye. Insan begair sahare ke,begair sath ke kitna ghabrata ha, kitna Darta ha.Isi sahare ki talash me wo zindagi ki tokhrey kah jata ha. Me ne bhi tu ab tak ki sari zindagi aik Sache yar ki talash me laga di, laken ab tak khud ko tanha hi paya laken sacha yar ab tak ni mil paya. Sab ko Sab se koi matlab hi hota ha.Kushnaseeb hote hain wo log jinko Mukhlis Dost mil jae.”
Bhoola aik seedha sadha sa gareeb sa gadariya tha, jo pechle do saalon se mawaishi sambal raha tha.Uska Walid aik Kisaan tha aur walida aik ghareelo khatoon thi jo ke mazhabi gharane se thein. Bhoole ka asal nam Abdul Kareem tha, Laken wo duneya ki chalaki hosheyari se nawaqif tha jiski waja se ab tak uska koi dost na tha.Usko apne rishtadaron ke nam b yad ni hote they bas shaklien pechan leta tha, jiski waja se sab ne usko Nasamaj samaj kr sare gaon me uska nam “Bhoola” mashoor kr dia tha. Bhoole ne Madrase se bachphan me hi Quran Hifaz kia tha, aur daswien k imtehan pass krne ke bad apne maa baap ka sahara ban gya tha.
“Sab ne aj tak mera mazak hi uraya, Jis per bhi bharosa kia, usi ne bharosey ko tora,Dosti aur muhabat me banda aik lamha bhi apne yar ke begair ni rah sakta,ajkal ke log aise rishte nibhane wale ko waila q kahte han. Dosti yari yea tu nhi hoti ke tum apne yar ki majodgi se chir kaoh.aur uski chahat ka mazak urao. Mera dil karta ha mera koi aisa yar ho jiske sath me din raat batien karon,Wo sari sari raat jage mere sath,balke wo tab tak bilkul na soye jab tak me jag raha hun,Uske pas muje sunne ke leye be inteha waqt majood ho, aur us se aik lamha b door na rahon,aur na wo mujse tang ae, aur na wo mujse jhoot bholey, aur na wo mujse wada torey,na mera dil tore, Jab me usey Yad karon, wo muje sache dil se yad kare, aur meri ghaltiyon per darguzar kare aur mere sudhar jane ka intezar kare. Aisa yar tu sirf kaboon kheyalon me hi basta ho ga, kia hi lutf ho jo aisa yar haqeeqat me ho aur usey meri bhi talash ho aur ham dono aik dosre se mil jaen.”
Bhoola apni sochon me ghum tha k usey apna sar kujlate howe aik keyal sa aya aur khud se kahne laga.”Sabr sabr… Raat ko sone se phele jab me aytul Kursi pharta hun, tu tab me parhta hun ke Allah S.W.T ko tu na mout ati ha, na nend na ung ati ha unko. Madrase me Ustad surah Baqarah me yad karwai thi tu bataya  tha ke Jab tum Allah ko yad karo tu wo tumhe yad karta ha. Quran kahta ha ke beshak Allah ka wada Sacha hota ha, Kitne Nabiyon aur kitne Buzurgon k sath usne apne wade ko sacha nabhaya. aur Phr Allah ke namon me se aik Nam tu Samiullah ha, “sunney Wala” wo tu sab ki sunta ha, matlab ke wo meri b sari batien…Khuda mujse kaise aik lamha b door ho sakta ha, jab ke wo farmate han Surah Hadid me ke tum jahan ho wahan me ho, tumhare sath hi hota hun me, tumhari shah rag se bhi zeyada qareeb hun . Waqt per tu sirf Allah hi Qadir ha,Kaise apne Mahboob S.A.W ko aik raat me arsh pr bolwa lia. Allah ne tu muje kabi meri ghaltiyon per foran saza ni di, balke wo tu Ghafoor aur Raheem ha, Wo tu Tauba karne walon se be inteha Muhabat karta ha. Kitna bewaqoof tha me jo yea sab idher udher talash karta raha , aur wo yar jiski thi arzo wo tu apna Rabb Nikla ”
Bhoola apne kheyalon me ghamzada aur preeshan chalta chalta mawaishiyon ko ghar k pass le aya aur phr achanak uske chehre par aik muskharahat si ah gai. Kuch hi Lamhoon me Maghrib ki Azan hone lagi aur Bhoola kushi se masjid wuzu karne ke leye bagha.

“Subha ka bhoola agar sham ko ghar aye tu usay bhoola nai khetay”

To be Continued…
the Picture doesn’t belong to me.


He is the 1 who loves you more than 70 moms

only under his meditation you will feel calm

if you seek his protection , then there will be no such thing

that can bring you harm

your prayers will never go vain

Cox he is the 1 who hears your cry when you are in pain

Dont ya loose hope , cox he is the 1 who sends sunshine after the rain

He knows all about your heart

He fulfills our all desires , like its his favourite Art

Ohhh Fanni, Dont let your soul fool by the Sheetan

Cox he is the 1 who gives you every thing, he is the Rehman

so Kneel Down Before him , and prostrate

and prostrate with the Faith that he is the 1 who changes the fate ..

The End .

Written  by me last year on 12th November,  after Inspiring from a Mystic song of Noori  “hoor vi neeva ho ”  meaning ” bow down more ” .Enjoy the back ground of music, classic touch of sitar and dhool .

lol Before Nalaik Panda , last year my friends used to call me ” sheetan ” 😉 so i used sheetan here as my poet name 3;-) and fanni is nick my name from birth .

God creation is better than mankind creation

Steve job died 3 days ago.Ever since then he had been all over the media,and now he is getting on my nerves.if  I visit facebook every other post is about him.if i am reading blogs every other blog is related to him.What if he is dead? everybody has to die.Thousand of people die everyday, zillion of  people have been killed everyday in Plastine , Iraq, Afghanistan,Kashmir,etc world is not worried about them.Countless people starved to death.So what if he is dead ? he didn’t die due to poverty.And why youare feeling sad over his death ? did he give you Apple i phone for free ?:P Well here are the few things that makes Apple better than Apple(iphone) . 1.You cannot eat Apple i -phone when you are starving 😛 .

2.What if Apple i phone had fallen on newton’s head instead of Apple ? well then,either he had been got wounded or else he would have not thought about gravity,and ran away with i Phone ,Screaming ” mummy! look i got  a Apple i-phone ” and then there would be no laws governing physics.and world would be the same like old ages.

3.Apple a day keeps the doctor away. Well both apples a day keeps the doctor away.But i prefer the fruit one.and if you buy the i phone daily of course it will keep you away from the doctor beacuse  you will have zero money to pay the  doctor fee 😛

4.if you break yours girlfriend heart and she breaks your iphone.you will curse steve job for it .

5.Apple i phone never grows on trees 😀 . if it would so ,then monkeys be using twitter, face book and other social networks , and then there would be no difference between you and a monkey 😛

6. You cannot play throwing catches with i- Phone .

7.Apple i-phone consumes energy , well on the other hand Apple gives you energy 😉 So the Point is with no doubt  ,God creation is better than mankind creation.i wonder if steve was alive and after reading my post, he would have  thought about implementing these facts on his invention to make it better. but sorry im too late Steve , now rest in peace 😛