The world needs a New Superhero

I always believed I am a superhero and I have some special super powers. I wanted to tell the world that it was okay to cheat in exams but not on people. and with my special memory power that forgets everything in the examination hall but remembers each and every important thing about the people I love I thought I am ready to fight the evil and save the world.

Nalaik Panda hurt.png
But the People you fight for not only stop believing in you but also give up on you. No body gives up on their loved ones. Those very same people cheat on you. and start taking your super powers for granted. Nalaik Panda is not Stupid but my heart is. Now the world needs a New superhero and I am out.

Togther Again

Nalaik Panda is excited and happy to share the news that I am moving out to Islamabad with my best friend Spoiled Wali. We both tried to move out to Islamabad for University back in 2010 when we applied for IST and rest is history.

We define the true meaning of Hanging Out together near Faisal masjid.
taimur and farhan.jpg

and On our way back home we lost our all Important Documents at Faisal masjid and some guard may Allah Bless him, found our documents and called us to collect it ,else we where headed towards peshawar with out them. The Documents were our real Degrees, certificaitons, and ID Cards. and now we both are together again for not just one day but for Jobs. So you can imagine what happens when a tornado meets a volcano. 418148_397054373639709_1710349852_n.jpg

Wedding Slide Show

Love is in the air and its wedding season. and I want to drop the bomb of my animation skills. Yes, Nalaik Panda is the master of all Jacks.If you are getting married or you have some wedding memories, turn your memories into an awesome loving slideshow 😉
here is the video

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Wedding Slide Showfiverr-gig-picture